Beautiful True Love Quotes

When You Need Help Describing Feelings that are Indescribable

True love quotes should be used when you want to bring out the big guns to strongly express your emotions for your Sweetheart. These romantic words are used when you care for someone so deep that you must find just the right way to say it. Afterall, the amazing way you feel is beyond ordinary words.

What you really need are powerful words that validate your feeings for your special someone.

Following, you will find some romantic love quotes you can share with the person you deem worthy of your passion and affection.

Enjoy your feelings. Embrace your emotions and take pleasure in being able to gift someone else with such strong affection ~ geared specifically towards him or her. Afterall, this is what true love quotes should be about.

True Love Quotes

How do I know what I feel for you is true? I can't breathe until I see your smile ~ then all is right in my world. ~ KYB

What I feel for you overwhelmes me to my core. It soothes my soul and warms me all over. It's that amazing and feels that wonderful. ~ KYB

With's all the little things that keep adding up: our little inside jokes, the magical connection, the explosive chemistry we share. It's all about you and me and my need to be with you every minute of every day basking in the beauty of us...the beauty of you. ~ KYB

True love is being incredibly happy because you mean the world to someone and, in return, they mean the world to you. ~ KYB

Geniunely being in love is like salt on meat. It's the burst of flavor and spice that makes life interestng, delicious, and satisfying. It's that special connection that is meant to be savored, experienced, and enjoyed. ~ KYB

How do I know you are my true love? You are everything I need and want to be happy. Only you. ~ KYB

We are intertwined as one, a merging of hearts and souls. We connect like no others. Your life is mine and my life is yours. We can finish each other's sentence and know how we feel about things without uttering a single word. I have to's true love, Sweetheart. And I'm glad that I'm experiencing it with you. ~ KYB

You know it's true love when you see you Baby at his or her worst and still view him or her as the most beautiful and precious person in the world. ~ KYB

You know it's true love when your Sweetheart gives you the last bite of his or her food. ~ KYB

True love is our devotion and commitment as we continue to love each other through the imperfections of our lives. Every crazy and challenging moment with you is far better than any happy time with someone else. I wouldn't trade us for anything. ~ KYB

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