Creating the Best Love Poems For You

The best love poems are simple, sweet, and true ~ the type of poetry that tells a story, conveys feelings, and helps you express how you feel. The following romantic poetry is an expression of a beautiful relationship that builds from the beginning to the present. While the love message is simple, the words are powerful and touching.

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As always, I encourage you to start with love words and revise or create your own to make your romantic message very personal....something incredibly intimate between you and your Honey. Enjoy!

Some of the best love poetry come from the heart

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Simple Love Poems Building From the Heart - The Story of Us

Level One

It had to start somewhere
The flame was sparked
Fed by your presence
Your amazing essence
Grabbing and pulling
More than just pleasant

You weaved your magic
It whirled and spun
Totally mesmerizing
We only just begun

The feelings intensified
Kicking up a notch
More than snared
I was totally caught

Level Two

My interest heightened
My senses alive
You and me
We really jive

I want more
I crave it so
My heart was signalling
What I need to know

You are important
A very special piece
Touching my soul
So very deep

Just when I figured
It couldn't grow anymore
You showed me different
Intense emotions galore

All so wonderful
Beautiful and real
So lucky, so needed
So very surreal

It keeps on climbing
To new amazing heights
Incredibly strong
Perfectly right

Level Three

What started as a spark
Is now a flaming fire
Filled with love and
Burning desire

We keep moving
The story of us
Totally groving
Ready to combust

There's more to experience
More to say
We'll keeping doing us
Each and every day

I look forward to more
To being with you
I love you so much
Through and through

Here's to continuing
A love that's so right
I promise to love you
With all of my might

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