Black Love Poems

Sensual, Sexy, Romantic

Black love poems come in a diverse variety expressing meaning and emotion from a unique perspective rich in heritage and experience. Everyone has a sensual and romantic side that can be set free through the power of beautiful black love poems from the soul.

Following is a unique collection of black sensual love poems that are meant to help you capture and express those meaningful and sensual words of love that support a delightful and satisfying relationship.


The feel of your beautiful brown skin sliding against mine;
it's oh so good and super fine.
My fingers touching along juicy places;
Slipping and pumping in secret spaces.

You feel me baby, I know you do;
That sensual rhythm that's me and you.

This is why you have to know,
Being with you...feels right,
its home.

Black Sensual Love Poems by KYB

Divine Kiss

Lips so full, soft and wet,
pressed against mine,
as we set,
a sensuous pace,
nice and slow.
sparking naughty thoughts
as we go.

Deeper it gets,
stroking my fire,
lighting me up,
with intense desire.

You dip your tongue,
reaching out to mine,
kissing me so good,
it's simply divine.

Black Sensual Love Poems by KYB

Lost In You

You come to me, beckoning with that
dark brown gaze,
that melts me into a
sensual haze.

You seduce me, with the
slightest touch,
you make me want it
oh so much.

You take me, to that
feel good place,
setting me off
with your
passionate pace.

I'm lost in you,
uncoiled in delight.
Being with you
feels very right.

Black Sensual Love Poems by KYB

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