Candy Bar Sayings

Love and Romance Wrapped In A Unique, Cheap, or Inexpensive Gift

Romantic, cheap, and inexpensive gifts can be created from candy bar sayings. These expressions of affection and love words are a great way to not only express your feelings, but to show your creativity. Nothing is more impressive than showing yourself to be thoughtful to someone you care about. It's all about giving from your heart.

Following I've collected some fun, romantic, love words turned candy bar sayings you can use to create beautifully romantic candy bar wrappers for your Sweetheart's favorite sweet treats.

If you want to create this special gift on your own, all you need do is search custom candy bar wrappers. You can find these personal, unique, and creative gifts all for under $5.

If you cannot create this unique, cheap, and inexpensive romantic gift yourself, I've included a company who can do it for you. Either way you can give a unique and inexpensive gift that is romantic, creative, and thoughtful.

Candy Bar Sayings For Love, Romance, Inexpensive, Gifts

1 - 10

Your love hits the "dot" every time. Thank you for loving me.

You're the joy in my life.
Almond Joy

Being with you is jolly wonderful.
Jolly Rancher

I'll always go the "extra" mile for you.
Extra Gum

I'd rather be with you in a crunch. Than share good time with someone else.
Nestle Crunch

Let's roll in the sack more often.
Tootsie Roll

You're worth more than $100,000 Grand. You're Priceless.
$100,000 Grand Bar

I can't let this ocassion "roll" by without letting you know how much I love you.
Tootie Roll

You're the best "bar none."
Bar None

I find you twizzling.

Candy Bar Sayings For Love, Romance, Inexpensive, Gifts

11 - 20

This thing between us Krackles.

I wish I could count all the reasons you are good for me, but my fingers can't count that high.

I can't mask my tears of joy.

I know it was a rocky road, but we made it.
Rocky Road

You are my life saver.

You're lovemaking is nothing to snicker about. You're amazing.
Snicker's Candy Bar

You are worth a mint.
York Peppermint Patti

Love Bears all things.
Gummy Bears

You are my reward
100,000 Candy Bar

A sweet token of my affection.
(Any type of candy bar)

Candy Bar Sayings For Love, Romance, Inexpensive, Gifts

21 - 31

My heart is yours.
Heart Candles

I'm sweet on you.
Sweet Tarts

I'm nuts about you.
Planter's Peanuts

You love me good and plenty.
Good and Plenty

I'm a sucker for your love.
Any type of lollipop

You're razzling.

You're one hot tamale.
Hot Tamale

You own a piece of my heart.
Reese's Pieces

I want you now and later.
Now Laters

Baby, you sure are sweet.
Sugar Babies

You can mound me anytime.

The passion between us is red hot.
Red Hots

My star burst from the way you love me.

You are mmmm, mmmm, good.

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