Romantic Christmas Love Poems

Beautiful Poetry for the Holidays

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Christmas Love Poems

These romantic Christmas love poems are original creations by The idea is to capture incredible love words that influence romance over the wonderful holiday season.

There is nothing better than to be able to share and celebrate special occasions with someone who means a lot to you. Therefore, I hope you enjoy the following Christmas poetry. One poem, title My Heart Before Christmas originates from the famous and classic Twas the Night Before Christmas poem. It's sure to be a hit with your Sweetheart. Enjoy!

Christmas Poem For You

Merry Christmas, my love
On this incredible day
Filled with significance
In so many ways.

Most important of which
I get to create with you
More memories and moments
To a dream come true.

As we share our lives
On this special holiday,
I love you more
Than words can say.

Merry Christmas, my love
And in case you missed
You are to me
The most precious of gifts.

Christmas Love Poetry by KYB

Recite this next poem as you would Twas the Night Before Christmas.

My Heart Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas
And all through my heart
My blood was a pumping
Fast from the start.

From the first moment I saw you
The emotions were there
Hanging from my shirt sleeves
with tender loving care.

as we embark on the holiday
Enjoying this time
My heart grows fuller
Just knowing you're mine.

Every experience with you
Makes my heart pitter patter
The gifts and the food
None of that matters.

My heart keeps beating
Strong and sure
Pumping loudly
For the one I adore.

It's the love, and the laughter,
And all in between.

It's the joy, and the happiness
That brings me such peace.

So listen and hear it
This audio work of art
Merry Christmas, Baby
With all of my heart.

Christmas Love Poems by KYB

The Gift

The best thing I ever received
Was given sometime ago
So precious and rare
More valued than gold.

It began when I met you
All wrapped up in a bow
As I pulled away the wrappings
Lo and Behold.

My heart beat faster
And my pulse began to race
I'll never forget that moment
Including time or place.

The best gift ever
Infiltrated my heart
I plan to keep you always
Forever to start.

Christmas Love Poems by KYB

If you have enjoyed these romantic Christmas love poems, then check out my collection of romantic love poetry. The really wonderful thing about love is that it's timeless and fits all ocassions and holidays.

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