Sexy Romantic Christmas Poems

Love Poetry For The Holidays

You need sexy romantic Christmas poems to add that extra spark to your holidays.

Light up your love life with more than just the decorations. To help set the mood, I share with you three original love poems you can share with your Sweetie. As always, I encourage you to add your own special little twist.

The gift of love words is precious, but it won't cost you a cent. Enjoy!

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Passionate Night

Silent night
Passionate night
All is hot
All is right

Our kisses start
gentle and mild
heating quickly
tender and wild

Deep in heavenly bliss
Deep in heavenly bliss

Silent night
Passionate night
All is hot
all is right

Feeling glorious
in your arms
desire runs deep
can't resist your charms

Deep in heavenly bliss
Deep in heavenly bliss

Silent night
Passionate night
All is hot
all is right

Our passion burns
the sparks do fly
I feel so good
I could cry

Deep in heavenly bliss
Deep in heavenly bliss

Sexy Christmas Poems by KYB

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You Ring My Bell

Hey Baby, you jingle my bell
the way you run your fingers
across my skin
makes me want you
again and again

Yes, Honey, you jingle my bell
with your million dollar smile
vibrant and bright
you make the holidays
merry and right

That's right, Sugar, you jingle my bell
you love me good
you love me well

You, my darling, jingle my bell
you're my personal
Mr/Mrs. Crinkle
keep ringing my bell
jingle, jingle, jingle

Sexy Christmas Poetry by KYB

This Christmas

There's you and me
no place I'd rather be
than sharing the significance
of this day

In our own unique and special way
the joy, the cheer,
the celebration,
our love and time together
is my exuberation

This Christmas
you are my special gift
because with you
is happiness and bliss

Romantic Christmas Poetry by KYB

Christmas Love

Ever hear of Christmas Love
it's staring you straight in the face

It's the magic chemistry
that we share
hearts, time, and place

This love of ours is magnified
during this time of year
I love you so
and want to say
I cherish having you near
and dear to my heart

Romantic Christmas Poetry by KYB

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