Copies of Love Letters to Spark Romance, Desire, and Passion

Pre Written Love Words For You to Share With Your Sweetheart

Sample Romantic Messages that are Short, Sweet, and Perfect

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Following are copies of love letters you can use to express love, romance, passion, and desire to your partner. Fill free to cut and paste or improvise these babies to fit your own personal situation.

The best part about the following sample love words is that these short and sweet message do pack a romantic punch. You can sent them in a simple email. Believe me, when you take a few minutes out of your day to recognize your romantic partner in such a way, you'll score major points. More importantly, you'll feel happy, because you made your Sweetheart happy.

There's something to be said for romantic words of love. Don't underestimate the power of it all. Savor the love letter samples below and send one right now.

Copies of Love Letters


Loving you isn't always easy, but it's always right. This is why I wouldn't trade what we have for the world. It's you and me together. Us against the world.

You know I wouldn't have it any other way. This is why I'm compelled to send you this letter, because it's important to me that you truly understand.

There is no other for me....but you. I'm sending these words to you, because I want you to burn them into your mind. You're mine and I'm yours.




There are not enough words to express what you mean to me. I cherish every moment and every new memory. Every second that we share is seared into my mind and in my heart forever.

You've left an imprint deep upon my soul. I love you more than you could ever imagine.

Forever yours,



Being with you is like sunshine on a cloudy day. You've made such a difference in my life that I'm not sure I could ever find the words to express it.

However, I'm hoping this letter will provide you a little glimpse of the importance you play to my happiness.

Keeping shine, Love. You're my warmth, my sun, my joy.



There's a saying that goes, "it's not the length of your experiences, but the quality of them." I want you to know that every minute spent with you is the most incredible experiences of my life.

I look forward to seeing where this incredibly journey leads us.

I want to be with you always.



My heart sings with joy everything you are near me. Our intimate moments and tender caresses fill me up with passion and love so deep that I always crave more.

Only you can make me feel the way that I do and I can't get enough of you. This thing between us is a magnetic pull that draws me near from your smell, your voice, your mesmerizing kisses.

You are wanted, my dear. More than you can ever know. And what you do to's unforgettable.

Until next we meet.


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