Deep Romantic Love Poems

Romantic Poetry Expressing Beautiful Words of Love

Deep romantic love poems are not like other poems. They express emotion below the surface, capturing the essence from what's inside the heart needing to be expressed. This is what makes the following love poetry so special.

You see, romance is everyday life....sharing a bond with a special person who becomes your best friend, your lover, your rock, your everything. Real love is about sharing real life - the ups and the downs. I sincerely hope you enjoy the following poetry as much as I do. These treasures had a profound impact on me when I read these amazing love words for the first time.

Real Love Is

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deep romantic love poems

Real love is the look in someone's eyes
that is meant for you alone,
a gentle kiss that says everything will be okay,
a hand held in just the right way
at just the right time.

Real love is a secret told by one heart
and guarded by another,
a belief that someone knows you
as no one else can,
the little day-to-day acts of thoughtfullness
that go unmentioned but not unnoticed.

Real love is a feeling that no matter where you are,
the deepest part of you
remains with the one you love,
a dream that comes true
with time and trust and a little luck.

Real love is a promise of forever

Author Unknown

Tango'D Love

You approach
I stand erect
anticipate extended hand
guides me to the dance floor
slick and satin black reflects
sophisticated bodies glide
forward, backward, heads cocked
hip to hip we promenade
to throbbing music swells...swelling
slow, slow, quick, quick....slow
thighs whisper push me, pull me
surrender to the pounding beat
accelerates my lower body
undulates back and forth and back
vibrations ripple
skin on skin...pulsating
face to face your mouth slides
onto and into parted lips
connect the movements quicker
quicker lift me
bend me, holding
hold me while the notes explode

J. B. Bernstein

The Mystery

Your eyes drink me,
Love makes them shine,
Your eyes that lean
So close to mine.

We have long been lovers,
We know the range
Of each other's moods
And how they change;

But when we look
At each other so
Then we feel
How little we know;

The spirit eludes us,
timid and free -
Can I ever know you
Or you know me?

Sara Teasdale

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