Erotic Love Poems

It's Time to Turn Up the Heat

Erotic love poems express passionate emotions of lust, desire, intense intimacy, and the like. It's glorious to be able to lose yourself in the primal desires of men and women at the most basic element.

This steamy poetry features original creations specifically for your enjoyment. As always, share targeted verses or an entire erotic message with your Sweetheart.

Original Erotic Poetry

The Rapture of Us

It's whirling all around me
red, then blue
then yellow, then gold
So intense, I melt into it
Then I explode

I climb so high
Lost in the sensation
I succumb to your
passionate creation

I cry out in pleasure
My body on fire
I cling to your scent
Hunger feeding my desire

To taste and lick
to touch, to flick
I scorch a path
Along skin that is slick

You feel so good
Your body I adore
Your skin amazing
I have to explore

I'm caught up, Baby
Your body against mine
Show me you crave me
Let your body define

Don't hold back
Let your passion flow
Move with me
And let your actions show

Climbing that pennacle
Reaching together
Desire whirling, intense
We're on the edge
Reaching and grabbing

Almost there, feel it
the anticipation
that sense of elation
We explode over the edge

Hearts beating wildly
Sweat intermixed
Hot and dazed
Completely spent

Limbs intertwined
Our bodies ebb
Into relaxation
Our desires fed

Sleep invites us
We tenderly kiss
we both succumb
Satisfied and content

Rest now, Baby

Erotic Poem by KYB

Remind Me

Your sexy hands
run along my spine
remind me, Baby
that you are mine

Do those things
you do so well
make me remember
why I fell

So hard, so deep
so fast, so steep
You rock me sensual
My body keeps

Craving you, Baby
More and more
What you do
I simply adore

I want you, I need you
All so much
Keep it coming
Your sensuous touch

After you,
there can be no other
It's you and me
Gloriously smothered

In love, in passion,
So incredibly fine
Your sexy hands
along my spine

Yes, you remind me baby
that you are mine
So sexy, so passionate
Simply divine

Erotic Love Poems by KYB

The Spot

I know the spot
that makes you hot

I'll push those buttons
Until all of a sudden

You explode with pleasure
that cannot be measured

That's it Baby
let me drive you crazy

Give you what you need
Your passion I'll feed

Until you are sated
and damn elated

Yes, I know the spot
and I'll connect the dots

It's you and me
Connected and complete
Hitting the spot

Erotic Love Poems by KYB

The Predatory Encounter

Your fingers dance along my skin
Kneading and caressing sensually
Sliding and gliding like never before
Building a symphony cresting so high

I'm that little deer, hunted and caught
In the most delicious of ways
Snared in a trap of passionate bliss
Surrendering, as you gobble me whole

Your predatory swagger, as you pounce
Your hunger spirred by my scent
Yes, Baby, eat me up
Taste and lick every little cervice
I'm transfixed as you conquer
Leaving little doubt you enjoy the meal

And when you've fed that primal need
Your fingers guided to your mouth
Drenched digits slowly sucked clean
Savoring, and salivating
Ready for dessert

Erotic Love Poetry by KYB

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