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falling in love quotes

Falling in love quotes are special, because when you fall it is one of the most magical feelings in the world. You can't eat or sleep. You long to be with your special someone ~ the one person in the world who makes you feel like no other. That one person you think about night and day, who has captured your heart and brings happiness to your world. It's an incredible feeling when you feel that close connection with another. Use the following falling in love quotes to help you express such a magical and special time in your life.

Falling in Love Quotes

Positives in my life: The sun shining; the birds chirping; your incredible smile; you. ~ KYB

I've opened my heart; to show you what's inside. It's all there for you. I've nothing to hide. ~ KYB

My heart yearns for yours, every minute of the day. Just in case you wondered. ~ KYB

You've found your way under my skin. I couldn't help but let you in. Now you've found your way into my heart. Overwhelming me from the start. Never stop. ~ KYB

What I feel for you is like a rollercoaster ride. The anticipation of the climb turned into the thrill of the fall - for you. ~ KYB

Goosebumps surface from your simple touch. My heart sings from just one smile. My heart is so full - only for you. ~ KYB

You've stirred emotions I've never experienced before - never. Not until you. ~ KYB

Falling in love is to experience the most incredibly deep and intense feelings and happiness in the world. I'm humbled to experience it all- with you. ~ KYB

My world is right when you are with me. I feel imcomplete when we are apart. I'm falling for you....hard. ~ KYB

I'm falling for you and I love every second of it. ~ KYB

I can't help but fall in love with someone as terrific as you. ~ KYB

I can take you in my arms and never let go. ~ KYB

When someone comes to mean something important to you, you know it deep down to the bone. You are that important someone to me. ~ KYB

You see things in me nobody else can see. My heart has made it clear. You are it for me. ~ KYB

It took a while for me to see how special you are to me, but you are my heart. ~ KYB

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