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Forgiveness is one of the most important gifts you can offer your partner. Why is this so important?

Unlike an "I'm Sorry" when you ask someone to forgive you, you are humbling yourself in the most respectful way. You make yourself vulnerable by owning up to the hurt you caused. What better way to initiate this than meaningful love quotes and quotations?

You see, when you ask someone to pardon you, it's bigger than "I'm Sorry," because it's not simply about your need to rid yourself of guilt/remorse. Instead, you focus on your partner. You are sayings, "I know I hurt you and its not enough to simply say I'm sorry. Because I care so much I'm willing to open myself up and place the power of showing mercy in your hands."

Now here is the real secret....vindication is really about your partner. If he or she is willing to stop blaming, it helps to let go of the hurt, anger, disappointment, or other negative emotions that is weighing him or her down and zapping joy. So learn to ask for absolution.

Notice, I didn't say your partner will forget. He or she may never do that. However, when he or she forgives, you get a do-over; another chance; a fresh opportunity.

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You speak to me with words, and I look at you with feelings. ~ Unknown

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"Can you let it go?" You can ask your partner this. Go ahead. You're not asking for much ~ only that your partner open up his or her heart and exercise grace.

Whatever you did, the fact that you feel remorse and want to put it behind you is a step in the right direction.

To help express your desire, I've gathered some very special love quotes and romantic words. All you have to do is add, "Accept My Apology" at the end of the quotation or romantic words.

Quotes and Quotations

Sometimes you need a second chance, because it wasn't ready for the first time. ~ Unknown

I just need somebody who will not give up on me no matter what. ~ Unknown

You can't undo, unsay, unsend, unlove, unkiss, unhurt, unfeel anything. All you can do is accept the past, enjoy the present, and learn for the future. ~ Ayanda Magagula

I realized I can neither fight nor cry alone without you. ~ Unknown

I can't pretend that I'm okay. I hurt you and it's killing me. I can't fake it anymore. I'm hopeless, helpless and I'm afraid that I'll never get over this.

Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let God deal with the things they do, cause hate in your heart will consume you too. ~ Will Smith

It's a constant battle. A war between remembering and forgetting.

We can't go back. We can only go forward. ~ Unknown

You're born, you die, and in between you make a lot of mistakes. ~ Unknown

Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them. ~ Bruce Lee

Aren't these quotes wonderful? Now don't forget to add your "Forgive Me" at the end of the forgiveness quote you select.

Now follow up your "forgive me" with a reminder of how much your partner means to you. In a few days, send an I Need You Quote.

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