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Share a Little Laughter on This Special Day For Lovers

Here a some funny Valentine poems that I whipped up in the hopes of spreading a little humor and laughter.

To me, there is nothing better than a great relationship filled with passion, fun, and laughter. I sincerely hope you experience those things so often that you burst with happiness.

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funny valentine poems

Love is like a booger. You keep picking at it until you get it, then wonder what to do with it. ~ Unknown

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We play hard
We laugh hard
We fight hard
We love hard

So intense
and worth all
the energy we

Happy Valentines Day

Funny Valentine Poems by KYB

Wicked Way

I'm going to have my wicked way
with you on this Lover's day

Your clothes will fall one piece at a time
I'm going to remind you that you're mine

We'll have at it, all night long
crafting a special lover's song

Our hearts will beat strong and sure
you'll be begging for plenty more

It's Valentine's day and I'm perlexed
all I can think of is having sex

Happy Valentine's Day
Now let me have my wicked way

Funny Valentine Poems by KYB


Giving you my opinion....2 cents
Treating you to lunch....$20
Being in love with you......

Just in case you wondered

Funny Valentine Poems by KYB

I Can Give You Roses

I can give you roses
Unfortunately they will die
I can give you great sex
So good it will make you cry

I can give you silence
When I really want to complain
I can give you comfort
Let me go on to explain

You already have my heart
You stole it from the start
To you I'll always be loyal
Even when you're a royal.....pain

So instead I'll give you comfort
So you never will forget
Yes, I love you dearly
I have since the day we met

So yes I'll give you roses
To remind you that it's true
Baby, I really love you....
You bet your sweet ass I do

Funny Valentine Poems by KYB

This Time of Year

Today I must remember
To buy you a lover's gift
Cause I don't want no drama
Not one single little rift

Instead, today I must deliver
One message that must be said
Baby, you cause me shivers
When we get busy in bed

This time of year is crazy
Cause what am I supposed to buy
Instead I'd rather be lazy
With you laying by my side

Yes, my mind is focused
On giving you some joy
With lots of hocus pocus
From moaning and groaning, oh boy

So excuse me for desiring
someone so special in my thoughts
I'd rather have you naked
Instead I have to shop

Yep, it's that time of year
For making feelings known
But Baby, you're not stupid
You've known them all along

But I don't mind the effort
You're worth it all and more
I'd gladly buy you something
Because you....I simply adore

Funny Valentine Poems by KYB

Don't Fall For The Stupid Corny Gift

Don't fall for the corny stupid gifts
You know the one's I mean
The cutesy stuffed teddy bears
Wearing purple jeans

No no no....not on this day
Say, I love you
In a better way

Stay away from that message in a bottle
There's a sucker born every minute
Don't pay for a piece of glass
With a stupid piece of paper in it

No no no....not on this day
Say, I love you
In a better way

Now if you're wondering
You're Valentine's is not impressed
When you give him or her
such stupid mess

No no no....not on this day
Say, I love you
In a better way

Instead look deep inside your heart
There's not a better place to start
It's not that hard if you try
So don't give a gift that will make them cry

And cry they will but not in joy
They'll wonder how you could fall
for that Valentine's ploy
To take your cash
And make you think
Your gift is wonderful
When it stinks

No no no....not on this day
Say, I love you
In a better way

Don't fall for the corny stupid gifts
hiding behind Valentine's Day as if
You don't know better, but now you do
Find a better way to say
I love you

Funny Valentine Poems by KYB

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