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Hot romantic greeting cards are a power to behold. You must be careful though! Not all passionate words, pictures, and cards are appreciated. As a matter of fact, if not done tastefully, you can turn your partner off instead of on.

Because I want you to be able to generate the reaction you are looking for, here I've collected some of the best sources of romantic cards that are not only sensual, passionate, and tasteful; but, will fan the flames of desire. There is nothing better than when your partner is hot and bothered.....ready to experience a little love play with you.

Additionally, I want to let you know that this page dedicated to hot romantic greeting cards is a work in progress. Not only am I going to direct you to some incredible resources, but I'm also going to give you some great tips for creating your own hot romantic cards. Here's the beauty of this make it more personal. Take about generating a sexy moment? My goodness, what you create will be better than a slow sensuous dance in the dark.

Creative Hot Romantic Greeting Cards Done By You

Yes, you can create your own passionate greeting card that smolders into an intimate hot moment between you and your sweetie. How? Nowadays, just about everyone has a camera on his or her mobile phone. The first thing I want you to do is to put it to use! Take a sexy picture of yourself. Better bold are you? find a private moment to dream a hot sexy moment where you imagine everything you want your partner to do. Get yourself nice and worked up. Then snap a picture of your face. I bet it's hot!

Please don't convert to taking it all off in a picture. Instead, make it a tease. Take pictures or have someone take pictures of you in sexy poses exposing glimpses of skin. Or have a picture of you and your partner engaged in a passionate sexy kiss.

The trick with taking any of these types of pictures is that you need to do so without causing your partner to become suspicious. Hey, you can turn it into an intriguing mission. Talk about making it fun!Now here's the next part. You can use a free image software package call GIMP. You can upload your mobile camera pictures and then us GIMP to write your own passionate words across the picture...creating your own hot romantic greeting cards. Another free image software package you may want to try is Picasa by Google.

If you decide to create your own hot romantic greeting cards, then you'll have a unique and personal creation that cannot be topped. One that your partner is sure to love.

A Great Source of Free and Reasonably Priced Hot Romantic Greeting Cards

Following is one of the best free romantic and sexy greeting cards sites I've found. You'll notice that I'm only recommending one Ecards/Greetings Card Site. Why? Because you deserve a place that has original, creative, and quality cards. I encourage you to visit. Free e Cards, Romance Cards, Love Poems, Love Letters, Sexy cards, Inspirational, Birthday, Friendship and Holiday Greetings by poet Bobette Bryan. Personalize an eCard or online greeting with a message and photos to make it special.

Obviously, you can't get more personal or real than to create a hot romantic greeting card of your own. Please don't underestimate your heart. Making your own ecard or card is much easier than you think.

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