How to Talk Dirty to Get Your Man Totally Into You

Being a Little Naughty Has It's Rewards

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Do you want to know how to talk dirty in a way that is comfortable for you, but totally turns him on? You can..... you know. And, it's much easier than you think.

For me, the idea of talking dirty was appealing, but I was nervous, unsure, and a little shy. This may or may not be you. However, once I was brave enough to utter a few sexy, but naughty words to my guy, I realized the power I had. Believe's amazing! You want this power too.

You see, your man likes sex. It's how he feels close to you. Even more important, your man wants good satisfying sex. It's important that he feels that he's satisfied you too. It's part of his ego. Yeah...yeah. I know. But girlfriend, you've got to stroke his ego, along with other sensitive body parts. After all, he's a man. It's how they are wired.

Know this....if you want to keep your man and you want to keep him happy, then you need to be able to deliver the goods if you want him solely focused on and into you. This is why I recommend that you talk dirty to him. It's a powerful weapon that if yielded right.....will have him hooked on you so good that you'll thank your lucky stars for it.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not suggesting that you talk raunchy. But you have to learn to be brave enough to ask for what you want...sexually. You have to let him know when you like what he does to you. You have to praise him and guide him. You have to be able to paint visual pictures for him. Believe me....he'll love every second of it. So learn how to talk dirty and then do it!

Following is a little motivation to get you started:

20 Reasons Why Talking Dirty Is Good For Your Relationship

  1. Your relationship will be more exciting
  2. Your relationship will be more interesting
  3. It will heighten sex with your partner
  4. It will excite your partner
  5. It will heighten intimacy
  6. It gives you more power over your man
  7. You improve communication
  8. You learn to ask for want you want and enjoy sex more
  9. Better orgasms
  10. Your man will desire you more
  11. Sex will be more intense
  12. Sex isn't boring or routine
  13. Your man is more into you
  14. Your confidence grows
  15. You empower yourself
  16. Can lead to interesting discoveries as a couple
  17. Allows your guy to make it so good for you
  18. Fun sexuals encounters
  19. You'll feel more desirable

Now if you'd like more instruction on how to talk dirty then this precious gem is just what you need. Check out this fantastic dirty talk guide. Now get ready for your man's total devotion. Oh yeah....he'll be into you.

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And when you touch me my whole body shiver. (I can feel)

Now, I can see how another life could have the power to take over mine

Cause your my.....Baby, Baby, Baby

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