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love letters to read

Following are some beautiful love letters to read. These special love messages were created by me for you to share with your someone special. The beauty of classic romantic love notes is that you can tweak a few words here and there to create your own personal expression of affection.

One important thing. I don't care how far technology advantages, nothing will ever beat one's ability to communicate feelings in a way that is personal and unique. Love words stroke the heart and tug at the emotions which are marvelous things when it comes to great relationships.

With that, I dedicated these beautiful love letter to read to you. May these romantic words bring happiness and add spice to your love life. Enjoy!

[Your Special Endearment]

Today, I woke up excited for this special day. This is the day you graced the earth. Fortunately for me, fate had destined you specifically for me. It's amazing how things work like that. I shake my head in wonder every single day ~ so grateful, and in awe, that you entered my life.

Your birthday is an extremely important day to me. It's a day of great celebration, because God created the love of my life in a package so special and terrific.

If you don't believe me, then place your hand over my heart when you smile at me. Oh, what you do to my pulse. Even more amazing is that you floor me with your kindness. You place my feelings above your own making me feel the most loved person on the face of the earth.

Don't ever doubt the importance of your existence. You're here for serve as the center of my world. You make everything in my world right.

So on this day, as you grow another year older and more significant in my life, I celebrate you. I celebrate and love every single inch of you....from your amazing qualities to the things you don't like about yourself.

I love you. And I just thought you should know how I see you. How grateful I am for you. And, why I celebrate you....always.



Romantic love letters to read by KYB

[Your Special Endearment]

Do you know that you have the most incredible touch? I can't help but think about how your gentle touch caresses my skin as you glide your fingers along the contours of my craving body. I can feel you stroking the heat within me, causing me to yearn for more as only you can do.

I've never had anyone affect me like you. Your knowing smile and you lust filled gaze ignites fire so strong I want you to devour me whole and make me beg for more.

You're that good, Baby. You do me that good and I need more. So, as you read these words that come from the very core of my desire for you, just know that I'm counting down the minutes.

Later, let's play. Let's delve into a passion filled haze and get lost in our own special rhythm that's uniquely us. I can't wait.

Counting down the minutes,


Hot love letters to read by KYB

[Your Special Endearment]

I've never felt as close to anyone as I feel with you. Being with you feels good. It feels right. I'm flying on a natural high of joy. As I write this, I have this goofy little grin as I recall the last time we were together. Not only are we good together, but you are good for me.

While I know that no relationship is perfect, being with you is as perfect as it gets. The point is.....I'm so much happier with you than I am without you. I know my words may not be the most romantic, but they are from my heart.

Most importantly, I want you to know the wonder, beauty, and bundle of positivity you bring into my life. I'm so grateful for it and for you.



Romantic love letters to read by KYB

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