The Power of Love Notes

Romantic Words and Sensual Messages

love notes

Love notes are fun, witty, heart melting, and soul stirring tidbits of goodness. These little gems are smart sparks of flirtation and foreplay in motion. Or, these little beauties add that special touch of romance ~ that amazing something to remind the person you care about that he or she matters to you.

It's Not Just The Words, It's What You Do With Them

Beautiful-Love- is filled with tons of passionate, romantic, and sexy words for you to use in love slips, text messages, and the like. Once you find the perfect sentiment, it's time to kick things up a notch. This page will help you do that with creative, unique, romantic, fun, and smart ways to communicate your message. Are you ready?

The How

A personal touch is always best.

  • Think about a memory or experience shared together;
  • Think of how you feel when you hear his or her laughter;
  • How you feel when you kiss;
  • Or the emotions that grip you when you get lost in his or her eyes.

Tap into your feelings and then craft your own personal message around your selected romantic words.

I found these amazing romantic words from the love quotes page: "Sometimes your nearness takes my breath away. And all the things I want to say can find no voice. Then in silence, I can only hope, my eyes will speak my heart. ~ Unknown" Then, add the following personal message: I should have known then, on 11/12/2012, that our first date would lead to feeling like this. I love you. xxxxxxx

Want lifetime access to exclusive love letters with creative ideas to personalize them? Click Here! All the hard work is done for you. All you have to do, is copy, paste, and send. Then reap the benefits with your partner.

The Why

The best reason to send affection messages is for no reason at all. Outside of a birthday or Valentine's Day, a love message is perfect after a disappointment, an argument, or an accomplishment. Anytime you want to send that incredible reminder of caring and love. Click here for a sample of free love notes you can use.

A great tool for instantaneous, fun, and sexy communication is Text the Romance. Click Here! to learn more.

The Where

When it comes to Love Notes, this is where things can get really fun and creative.

  • Stash your message in a purse or pocket.
  • Use romantic words in place of a typical gift tag.
  • Tape your message on a car window.
  • Write your message on a dinner napkin.
  • Print your favorite love words on a magnet and put on the Refrigerator.
  • Steam up the bathroom mirror and draw an arrow to where you taped your words of love.
  • Place your sexy message inside his or her underwear.
  • Place your love words under cologne or perfume.
  • Leave as a message on the answering machine

You are only limited by your imagination. Click here for more romantic love note ideas.

The When

The best time to deliver your love note or set up your romantic message surprise is when your Sweetheart least expect it or when he or she is sure to notice it. Following are a few suggestions:

  • First thing in the morning. Help him or her start the day off right.
  • Late a night to cap off the day. What a great way to remind him or her that he or she is very special, indeed.
  • In the middle of the day when you know he or she could use a inspiration boost.
  • Anytime and just because .

This page is simply to whet your appetite for more great ideas for love notes and how they can add fun and spice to your relationship. Don't miss new ideas, subscribe to Beautiful-

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Whatever you do, do NOT underestimate the power of love words. Use them in love notes and watch the positive impact to your romantic relationship.

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