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Lastly, be sure to use the magnificent words of love, along with the relationship advice and resources you find at Beautiful Love Quotes. Why? Because too many people underestimate the power of loving romantic words. The beauty of it all is that expressing love is not just can use any and all of the senses...taking advantage of every delicious discover to add the spice. It's the flavor that will keep your love life interesting, vibrant, and exciting. All ingredients important for a thriving strong relationship.

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They Say Love Is Blind

A Beautiful Quote to Share:

They say love is blind. But it isn't. It simply allows us to see what others can't.

And I see all of you, Baby. And I love every part of you. ~ KYB

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Recipe For Two Lovers

Take happiness and laughter
mix thoroughly with romance.
Add hugs, pecks,
and sprinkle with kisses.
Bind with pleasure
and bake with faith.
Serve with endless love.

~ Jephthah Adotey

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