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There are many beautiful love song quotes you can use to woo and express yourself to your Sweetheart. Some of the most romantic words can be found from amazing love songs.

Following are a special selection of romantic quotes from classic and popular songs of love, romance, desire, and relationships. Pick your favorite from the group and share them with your someone special.

Romantic and Special Love Song Quotes

It's the way I'm feeling, I just can't deny. You make me feel so alive. ~ We Found Love Lyrics

Remember those walls I built. They're tumbling down. They didn't even put up a fight; didn't even make a sound. I'm standing in the light of your halo. I've got my angel now. It's You. ~ Halo Lyrics

You're every breath that I take, every step I make. My endless love. ~ From Endless Love Lyrics

We are two hearts that beat as one. With you, my life has just begun. ~ From Endless Love Lyrics

I can't deny, this love I have inside. I give it all to. Because I love you. Endlessly. ~ Interpreted From Endless Love

I've got this feeling down deep in my soul that I just can lose. I'm so stuck on you. Here to stay. ~ From Stuck on You Lyrics

Where ever you are, whatever you do, I will follow, because you are the biggest part of me. The best part. ~ From Biggest Part of Me Lyrics

You're more than wonderful; more than amazing; you are the irreplaceable love of my life. ~ From Love of My Life Lyrics

Yesterday came in your eyes. I caught a glimpse of tomorrow and that's when I realize that my dreams came true. From your love there is nothing I wouldn't do. ~ From Everything Lyrics

With you I see forever, you are the one. You are everything I need amd more. You are my everything for sure. ~ From Everything Lyrics

I will stand by you forever; because Baby, you take my breath away. ~ From Hero Lyrics

Swear that you'll always be mine, because you are the find of my life; the love of my life. ~ Inspired by Hero Lyrics

I've seen miracles, but I still haven't seen anything that amazes me quite like you do. ~ From You're My #1 Lyrics

Do you know I learn something new, everyday I love you. You make a better me. ~ From Everyday I Love You Lyrics

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