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It's Time to Send a Simple, But Romantic Text Message to Your Sweetheart Right Now

romantic text messages

Following is a wonderful collection of love text messages you can send to your Sweetheart. Now if you really want to break out some serious romance and affection, then consider these I Love You Quotes as well. Happy Texting!

Romantic Text Messages

Bad day? I'll make you feel better later. Promise.

I'm smiling right now and it's because I have.

Read these words.....I LOVE YOU.

I'm thinking of you right now.

I'm still tasting your kiss. I can't wait to taste you again.

You light up my world.

It's you and me....always.

Your kiss sustains me through the day.

I'm proud to be yours.

I can't get enough of you.

You're the best person for me.

You're the most amazing part of my day.

We belong together.

Counting down the minutes until your in my arms again.

Thanks for being my inspiration.

You. Me. Us. Amazing.

We are so good together.

Me and you...priceless.

You fascinate me.

You're my delectable delight.

I've got your back...always.

Being in love with you is my greatest accomplishment.

Am I lucky to have you? No. I'm blessed.

You're the love affair of my life.

I want a repeat of last night.

You're the beat of my heart.

Simply're beautiful.

You bring meaning to my life.

You're uncomparable.

You're the only one to touch my heart.

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More Romance = More Sex

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Text The Romance Back

Now Is My Chance

Now is my chance
To add a little spice
Taking our relationship
From being just nice
To super romantic
Using one little device

I'm romancing you, Baby
I'm letting you know
How much I want you
I willing to show

When I finished with you
You'll know why the fuss
Because this is real serious
It's all about us

What we have
And what you mean
I'm not playing, Love
This isn't a dream

It's you and me
It's all about us
Make no mistake
We're worth the fuss

I'm texting you
It'll be real nice
Alot more romance
And hot delicious spice

Get ready

by KYB

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