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If This World Were Mine

Luther Vandross Songs are legendary for stirring romance and love. On this page I share with you a gem of a romantic song. Without a doubt it's incredibly romantic and can be used to set up one memorable romantic evening with the person of your choice. This is one of my favorite Luther Vandross songs that ultimately encourages intimacy and desire.

If you'll been fortunate enough to be explosed to Luther Vandross's incredibly sexy and smooth voice, then you know what you're getting. To top if off, he teams up with the beautiful voice of Cheryl Lynn. If this is your first experience, get ready for a sexy song with romantic lyrics that will definitely touch you emotionally. Therefore, it's important to share it with the right person.

Even if you do not appreciate this genre of romantic music, you can't help but appreciate these wonderfully romantic lyrics. The title of this beautiful song is "If This World Were Mine." While you can find different versions and singers; none come close to Luther Vandross and Cheryl Lynn.

If This World Were Mine Lyrics

Romantic Lyrics Sung By Luther Vandross

If this world were mine, I'd place at your feet
All that I own, you've been so good to me
If this world were mine

I'd give you the flowers, the birds and the bees
For with your love inside me, that would be all I need
If this world were mine I'd give you anything

If this world were mine, I'd make you a king
With wealth untold, you could have anything
If this world were mine

I'd give you each day so sunny and blue
If you wanted the moonlight, I'd give you that too
If this world were mine I'd give you anything

Oh baby, you're my inspiration
And there's no hesitation
When you want me, honey, just call me

And honey, you're my consolation
And there's so much sensation
When I'm in your arms, when you squeeze me

Every sky would be blue
Long as you're lovin' me
When I'm here in your arms
Life is so wonderful

Give me pretty lovin' baby
Give me pretty lovin honey
Keep on lovin me, baby

You know I need you, honey
Really, really need you, baby
Lovin' me the way (The way) you do (You do, oh)
My love

I love the way that you, the way that you love me, baby
Oh...and I don't wanna let you go, wanna let you, wanna let you go, my love, no
I love the way, the way that you love me, baby

You know (Woo...hoo...)
The world, the world would be yours
Yeah, yeah, yeah (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Yeah...hea... (Mmm...hmm...)
Yes, it would (Yes, it would)
The world would be yours (Yeah)

Baby (Baby)
It would be yours
If you'll believe

Aren't these romantic lyrics beautiful? Luther Vandross songs are known as "mood setters" for romantic intimate evenings. Now if this world were yours, how would you express your feelings for that special person in you life? So that you can appreciate the full affect of the romantic music along with these lyrics, here is this lovely Luther Vandross duet:

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