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This is the place that celebrates the beauty and challenges of marriage. How do we define marriage anyway? Officially, marriage is a social union or legal contract between two people. Hopefully, the union is based on love with the committment to make it succeed - creating a solid, satisfying relationship.

Marriage Quotes:

Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together through the years. That is what makes a marriage last - more than passion or even sex! ~ Simone Signoret

Marriage, ultimately, is the practice of becoming passionate friends. ~ Harville Hendrix

Two souls with but a single thought; Two hearts that beat as one. ~ Fredrich Halm

Marriage Humor

MARRIAGE, n. [1] the dawn of romance and the commencement of history; [2] a pro-cess much like a cafeteria -- you carefully look over the choices, select what looks the best -- and pay later; [3] a word which always means commitment -- but so does insanity; [4]a rite where two people, under the influence of the most violent, most insane, most delusive, and most transient of passions, promise to maintain this excited, abnormal and exhausting condition until death do them part; [5] a bargain, and a sensible person understands that someone must get the better of any bargain; [6] a delightful form of combat where you get to sleep with the enemy;

Funny Quotes About Marriage

Marriage Quotes

The New York Daily News reveals research showing that couples who use 'we' are happier than those who use 'I', 'me' or 'you.'

Wouldn't give a nickel to do it again, but wouldn't take a million to lose her. ~ Anonymous

I love being married, but it can be challenging. If you try to maintain an attitude of fairness and an ability to admit when you're wrong, you can get through most things.

Communication is the most important thing -- without it on both sides, there is no marriage. The point is not trying to change the other to fit our desires; it's taking them as they are.

Marriage Poems

A Marriage Blessing

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marriage quotes poems

As you enter into the little world,
that you promised to make brighter for each other,
may He who harnesses the waves
and hanges the sun out in the sky
and puts the song in the birds
especially bless you
and make your marriage a good and happy one!

Love is indeed "a many splendored thing!"
When it is given and returned,
it enriches both the Lover an the Beloved.
And as long as two people love each other,
nothing in this world is too difficult or too impossible
for wanting to do something for the one you love
takes all the burden out of it
and roughest way becomes smooth
when you can travel it hand in hand
~ Helen Steiner Rice

Marriage Quotes: Cherished Moments......

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marriage quotes poems

The day I banged into the garage door, and my husband's response was, "Guess it's my turn to do something dumb now." ~ Anonymous

My husband gave the "best man" speech at his friend's wedding. He told the couple that he wished them the happiness in their marriage that he has in his. ~ Anonymous

The day my husband told me I was his best friend. ~ Anonymous

The moment my wife said, "I do." From that time on, my world's never been the same. I have her and she has me -- we're the most inseparable couple. ~ Anonymous

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