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Love Poetry Portraying Passion and Desire

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Passionate love poems can reflect a dance as old as time. This is a dance of intense passion and romance intimately shared between two people deeply in love. You can use these powerful words of love to create your own romantic interlude.

The Smoldering Kiss

Antagonizing pleasure
Placed upon my lips
Where dreams come true
In just one kiss!

Sharing an afternoon of ecstasy
Closing the door on reality
Not even the thickest iceberg
Could melt the lust I feel inside!

I shed my fears faster than my clothes
The anticipation begins to unfold
My heart begins to pound faster
As you come closer

Just one look from your eyes
And I become hypnotized
A river of sins, to which I concede
Just one kiss, caused the undoing of me!

Your lips gently pressed against mine
A silent submission of tongues intertwined
My mouth tenderly pressed against yours
My voice trembles as you start to explore

Electric shocks as your tongue touches mine
An erotic dance of passing time
My heart's racing as fast as yours
My body's craving for something more!

Starving and Craving
For an evening
Of erotic bliss
Where dreams come true
In Just One Kiss.

~ Unknown


It starts in the morning
when I wake up
as you hold me
and ask me how I slept.

It starts at breakfast
when you tell me
what you'll be doing at work
and where you can be reached.

It's how sweetly you kiss me
when you leave
and it continues during the day
when you all just to say hello.

It's when you come home
and hug me
and tell me you've missed me
and ask me about my day.

It goes on during dinner
when we listen to each other
and you hold my hand
as we share our thoughts.

And when we finally go to bed
I am ready to make love.

~ Passion Love Poems ~ N. Josefowitz


Taking off
my clothes
piece by piece,
I turn to you,
unwrap my body,
feel you trace
its contours
with your fingers.

I am accustomed
to covering,
what I now bare,
watch you waken
and wash me
with your eyes.

I feel the cloth
of your skin,
inviting me in,
feel your breath
warm in my ear.

I lean closer
into you, feel
your blood surge
as you hold me
and I echo
the beat pulling
on us as I wrap
my legs around you
and open as morning
glories do
when the sun
warms them.

C. Wadsworth

You Touch Me

I like to look at you
asleep on your side, face
cradled by down soft pillow,
I like to read
you like a poem, slowly
attending to the detailed
lines about the eyes
slipping under lids, lips
pursed as if about to kiss.

In this, your nightly cruise,
you take leave
from port of day's
forgotten worlds meeting
off course to sail along
the sea of dark
through strings of island stars,
at the masthead bearing on
toward sun about to be

I like to see you stir
when into the small
cupped petal of you ear,
my whisper drifts:
touch me, touch me
I like to watch you rise
as if some foreign tongue
you once spoke came
suddenly back to you, watch
you fix a course across
the sheeted light onto
the continent of my body.

Passionate Love Poems ~ A. Zawinski

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