Poetry About Love

poetry about love
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Poetry about love is woven into the fabric of the heart. Love poems expressing the very being and core of what it means to love and be loved. The following treasures are presented here for your enjoyment. Savor the beauty of the words; the magic of the emotions. As in all things, love is one of the most powerful emotions there is.

Love's Springtide

My heart was winter-bound until
I hear you sing;
O voice of Love, hush not, but fill
My life with Spring!

My hopes were homeless tings before
I saw your eyes;
O smile of Love, close not the door
To paradise!

My dreasms were bitter once, and then
I found them bliss;
O lips of Love, give me again
Your rose to kiss!

Springtide of Love! The secret sweet
Is ours alone;
O heart of Love, at last you beat
Against my own!

~ Frank Dempster Sherman

Your Call

I wait now every morning,
every day, for your voice,
Your call, your smile, you hand, your eyes...

Waiting for the phone to ring,
I realize how hard I hope for a reason,
an excuse, a wow, a game, any anything, a job, a song,
a ring

I wait and then I hear your voice
at last....I smile.....I fly,
I sing!

~ Danielle Steele

Poetry About Love

Love's Calendar

The Summer comes and the Summer goes;
Wild-flowers are fringing the dusty lanes,
The swallows go darting through fragrant rains,
Then, all of a sudden - it snows.

Dear Heart, our lives so happily flow,
So lightly we heed the flying hours,
We only know Winter is gone - by the flowers,
We only know Winter is come - by the snow.

~ Thomas Baily Alrich

Poetry About Love

Each of Us

Each of us with our secret gifts,
magic potions, lovely notions, waiting to be shared,
waiting to be aired,
each of us a half, a whole, a mind, a soul, a heart,
and yeat a part of a better richer more,
looking for the door,
the key
the you, the me, the we growing day by day
looking for the way
to find what I'd always dreams and never seen,
always tried and never been,
always thought but never knew,
until at last
I discovered that the gift I always sought
was you.

~ Danielle Steele

In This World

In this world,
love has no color -
yet how deeply
my body is stained by yours.

~ Izumi Shikibu

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