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You come to the right place if you want to read some love poems that are orginal, romantic, and real. Beautiful-Love-Quotes.com is my special piece of Cyberspace where I collect and create all things about passion, love, intimacy, and desire. Afterall, who doesn't want to experience the love of his or her love?

Love Muse

In the recesses of my mind
The ideal centerpiece
of what I need to make me whole

Then you came into my life
Stroked my heart and accelerated its pace
No longer only in my mind
But filling my personal space

Now I experience what I could only imagine
You are more than the love of my life
You are my everything
My reason, my inspiration, my heart

As we continue to travel
this passionate slope of love
I continue to evolve
from the joy of it all

You've always been there
Only you and always you
My world and my centerpiece
my perfect special muse

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Usually, I don't mix music with poetry, but why not? I use love songs as inspiration for my love poetry. As a matter of fact, I created the above love poem while the following romantic lyrics played in the backrground. I felt so compelled to share these amazing love words with you. I couldn't resist. It's an oldie, but goodie. Here goes......


Sung by Pebbles

Always boy, I never knew a love like you before
You came into my life and gave me more
You are my friend, also my man
And I'll love you always

You just don't know what you've done for me
You gave me love and now I'm complete
You are the sun, the only one
And I'll love you always

Baby, don't leave me,
Don't ever desert me
I'll promise my life to you
And I'll love you always

I wish I had known that you'd come for me
I was a soul that was lost and incomplete
You were my friend, and now you're my man
And I want you always

I just don't know what came over me, boy
You touched my soul and let me feel free
Always be there, and baby don't be scared
Cause I'll love you always
Baby always...

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