Beautiful Relationship Poems

Romantic Love Words to Build on Friendship, Romance, and Love With Your Special Someone

These beautiful relationship poems are from my heart to yours. As always, I aim to create romantic love words you can share with your significant other.

Isn't it great when you can strengthen your love life with magical words that convey strong emotion and sentiments from your heart?

Hey, we can never have or share enough romantic words. It really matters and makes a difference to your happiness. So enjoy these creations with someone who matters to you.

The Moments

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In every season there is a time and place
For magical moments that make our hearts race.

I get to experience these moments with you
I see and I feel it in all that you do
From your soft gentle touch, to the smile on your face
Is there any wonder why you make my heart race?

I love the taste of your lips sweeping against mine
So sweet, much sweeter, than the sweetest of wines.

From hot scorching looks,to slow body grinds.
I want more moments...until the end of time.

Nothing or Nobody can come close
to moments spent with you that mean the most.
These love words are written and given with care,
Because our moments together are beyond compare.
I cherish our time and all that we do
I can't wait to create more moments with you.

Beautiful Relationship Poetry by KYB

Romantic I Love You Poem

I Think I Love You

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Have you ever felt invincible
as if you could fly?

That's me, I'm soaring
On feelings so high.

This indescrible sensation
of emotions I feel.

Are profound and revealing
incredibly real.

My heart is thumping
beating real fast.

My instincts tell me
that we can last.

So invincible I am
and ready to leap.

Into this beautiful connection
that runs so deep.

So if this is flying,
I pray in never stops.

I want to keep soaring,
well above the roof tops.

Beautiful Relationship Poems by KYB

Thinking Of You Poems

No One Like You

relationship poems
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There is no one like you,
you were made just for me.
You've touched my heart in places
no one else could ever reach.

You bring beauty to my world
and comfort to my soul.
Your smile lights up my life
a wondrous sight to behold.

It's all the little things,
that make you uniquely you.
A gift that keeps on giving
in everything you do.

You've ruined me for all others,
because nobody can compare,
to the way you love me,
show me that you care.

It's important that you get it,
so important that you know.
Yes, you were made me for,
my precious, gorgeous Beau.

Beautiful Relationship Poems by KYB

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