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Dealing With the Dark Side

Advice for More Bliss, Less Aggravation, Arguments and Frustration

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You have an idea of how love relationships should work and you want yours to go smoothly.

You don't want to deal with the grief and strife of arguments, disappointments, and seemingly dumb stuff that gets on your last nerve.

Then there are those annoying habits and attitudes. Or maybe your Sweetheart is just downright moody.

As a matter of fact, your Baby's picture could be the poster image for moodiness.

It drives you crazy. It irritates the hell out of you. You simply wish he or she would take a happy pill and transform into that fantastic guy or gal that's down there somewhere. You know the one....the one that pulled you in in the first place.

What can I say other than, "welcome to the dark side." Yep, this is the side of being in a relationship you can definitely do without.

You want your Sweetheart; but if only the attitude and moodiness could improve. What you wouldn't give for less bickering, less irritation and less grief. Why does he or she warp into this other person? Most of the time it seems to happen for reasons you cannot understand. At this point, you simply want it all to stop.

Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way Everything was through trail, error, arguments, hard feelings, and strife. I don't want this for you. And I definitely don't want you to fall victim to well meaning family and friends who try to help, only to make things worst. To top it off, there's all sorts of bad couple's advice on the Internet. It can be maddening!

Here's a Scary Truth About all Relationships

Love can be strong; but it may not be enough. How do I know? Well, let me ask you a question? Do you know of any couples who broke up or got divorced? I can give you a ton of examples. Nobody is immune - not rich people, famous people, beautiful people, or couples who have great sex.

One of the most important things about relationships, moodiness, and attitudes is that it's all about give and take. Your love life requires attention and effort. The problem is that most people are not smart about it. Couples make it harder than it needs to be.

Don't let this happen to you and your Baby. Do not let any irritation, disappointments, arguments, and grief fester to the point where it ruins what you want out of your love life. Don't let it take over and destroy what attracted you to your Sweetheart in the first place. Instead, I encourage you to take advantage of these precious little gems I discovered.

There are three important things you must do in order to overcome and kill the dark side of your relationship.........

#1 Stop Walking On Egg Shells

Nothing is worst than being attacked with attitude or moodiness and not having a clue as to why. Or maybe your Sweetheart is overly sensitve about something? Let me tell you a little secret. Every single love relationship has problems and issues.

However, those couples that have been together for years practice give and take. They have learned the signs of the dark side and know how to destroy or deal so that the disagreements and dark times do not overshadow the good. That's what you have to learn to. You can learn it through trail and error. But first you will have to make a committment to hang in matter what. Or you may want to take advantage of a shortcut to make it much easier.

#2 You Must Communicate

Communication is the backbone of all great love affairs. If you can't talk about things, then your love life is doomed to fail or not be as satisfying as it could be. If you're like me, then you know this already, right? The problem is, communication is not that easy. Emotions run high; things can get out of control; or you simply don't want to hurt feelings. It's the how to communicate that's hard.

#3 Words Hurt, so be careful of what you say and how you say it.

Unfortunately, you probably will fight or disagree from time to time. It's bound to happen. It's crazy how quickly heated discussions can get out of control. Next thing you know, the hurtful words are in the open.....looming like a black cloud ready to burn and drown you both in the negative vibes. Even an apology doesn't make it go away....those hurtful words are still there...silently eating away at your relationship.

What can you do? Well, you have to learn how to appropriate smooth things over. You can learn it on your own; but there is a nifty little guide that makes it so much easier.

So, when it comes to your love life, make things easier on yourself and Sweetheart. Deal with less moodiness and attitude. Experience more happiness for the best love affair of your life.

If you're going to improve the moodiness, attitude, and communication with your Honey; why not go all the way? Go for great sex. You've earned it.

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