Rhyming Love Poems to Make Your Sweetheart Smile

I created these original rhyming love poems, because I wanted to offer you loving expressions you can share with your Sweetheart. This romantic poetry reflects the good feelings you feel towards your intimate partner during one of the most complex and busy times in your life.

Don't wait for a special occasion. Believe me, your partner will appreciate knowing the depths of your affection. As always, while you are welcomed to use these love words as they are.....feel free to personalize as you see fit. With that.....enjoy!

Rhyming Love Poems - Beautiful Expressions of Love and Affection

I Am Lucky

Life is often, busy at times
How lucky I am, to know you're mine
By my side, and in my heart
My feelings for you, are off the chart

What I feel for you, it gets me through
The highs, the lows, the challenges too
I'm lucky, I know, you're in my life
Loving times, good times, even through strife

Every day, I strive, for the good of us
Busy, working, and sometimes stressed
All of that is minor, thanks you to
I greatly appreciate all that you do

You are my inspiration, the reason why
During the lowest of lows, I still experience highs
It's you, my Sweet Baby, every little bit
With you by my side, I'll never quit

Loving you means, I'm luckiest by far
You're my heart, that's what you are
Yes, I am lucky, and I never doubt
It's because I have you, and love that is stout

I'm lucky, I'm lucky, I'll say it again
That's what I'm feeling and I let you in
Do you feel me, Baby? The intensity
I'm very lucky, you mean everything to me

Rhyming Love Poems by KYB

Sugar and Spice

Sugar and spice, everything nice
You bring the sunshine to my life
That's not all, there's something more
I've never felt this, never before

I love you now, and forever more
What we have, I simply adore
You have me, Love, every little part
The ultimate prize, my beating heart

Take it all, everything I have to give
I mean it for, as long as I live
It's you, Babe, and only you
You're the spice of my life, the morning dew

You're the freshness of a new day, the sweetest of treats
A beautiful summer day, without the blazing heat
What we have, is so much more than nice
It's a piece of Heaven, a delectable slice
Sugar and spice, and everything nice
What we have, you cannot price
I hope these words, help you see
Just how much, you mean to me

Rhyming Love Poems by KYB

Forever Thank You

You shine brightly in my life
The light that leads the way
Lifting me up when I need it most
Making everything okay

You are the difference
My future shines bright
I bow in reverance
Things are so right

I don't know how you do it
Nor do I care
I thrilled that you show it
Happy that you're there

And, in return, I'll have you know
My love for you, continues to grow
So intense, indefinitely deep
So strong and amazing, it makes me weep

So thank you, Love
With all my heart
With you I see forever
Never to be apart

Rhyming Love Poems by KYB

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