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romantic birthday ideas
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Romantic birthday ideas are a vast as your imagination and as capitivating as you make them to be. If you REALLY want to make your Sweetheart's next birthday a romantic and memorable event, then start by centering your thinking on that special person.

Your goal is simple: build a romantic birthday around the things your Sweetheart likes and loves. This means you must tap into your memory and pay attention. What is your Love's favorite color, smells, foods, things to do. Take it all in and what you come up with is your foundation. If you start from here, you cannot go wrong. Always make this day about him or her and those romantic birthday ideas will start flowing!

Remember, it's not about money. It's about tapping into your heart and conveying what your special person means to you. Actions say a lot. So let's get at it.

Romantic Birthday Ideas:

  • Make or buy your Sweetheart's favorite coffee or breakfast item. Make sure it's just the way he or she likes it. Get a small romantic gift bag (red, pink, or some other vibrant color). Add colorful tissue paper and the following simple love words: "Just because your smile and happiness bring joy to my heart. Love XOXOXOX"

  • Write a Top Ten Things I Love About You list. Try not to pick the obvious things. Focus on things that show your Sweetheart that you DO pay attention and appreciate them. Once you get your list, transfer to quality paper and have it laminated as a keepsake.

  • Send your Sweetheart a very unique message via email using a really cool site called Add Letters. You can copy a quote, send a simple "I'm thinking about you" or "I love you" message.

  • Record a personal audio message and send it as a download for him/her to hear. Add intrigue by giving strict instructions that it is to be listened to at a certain time after which they are to contact you for his/her next instructions. The next instructions can be whatever you like - he/she is to meet you at a special rendevous point or for dinner. Your audio message can use the same ten things I love about you concept. Take about romantic and fun!

  • Create a Newsletter, scrapbook, or Powerpoint of your special moments together.

  • Plan a romantic spa getaway for two. These are romantic locations where you can not only experience love and romance, but rest and relaxation as well. Just imagine enjoying wonderfully soothing full body massages and other lovely treatments during the day and steamy sensuous romantic nights? What more can you ask for? If you are willing to do a little comparison shopping, you are sure to find a deal.

  • Buy or create your own custom candy with a special love message. Simply google "custom candy" and have at it. This is an edible gift that is sure to go over big. As a matter of fact, here are some special candy bar sayings to get you started.

  • Send customized fortune cookies with a unique message in every cookie. Simply romantic.

  • Create a personal romance book. Try Personalized Romance Novels - Romance By You. You can present this wonderfully personal masterpiece in an incredibly romantic atmosphere - all created by you.

  • Create customized love song. Try Love Songs. This is a great way to really touch the emotions and create an incredibly romantic evening. Can you see it? - sharing a romantic dance to a love song customized by you for him or her?

  • More Romantic Birthday Ideas

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  • Set up a catered birthday dinner for two (hire a personal server for the ocassion). Create a romantic atmosphere and savor a great meal and each other.

  • Watch the sunrise together and share a toast to a brand new day and the next chapter of your relationship. So romantic!!

  • Watch the sunset together and share a toast to another wonderful day together - looking forward to many more.

  • Share a romantic evening dancing, touching, hugging, kissing and having fun. Clear out a space in your home, gather your favorite dance tunes and have a ball.

  • Create a 100 Reasons Why I Love You evening. Create your list ahead of time and get ready for one incredibly romantic and emotional evening that will blow him or her away. Dig into your memories, gather pics and video tape, plan a few stops to your special places together. Throughout the entire evening you are expressing and stating the 100 reasons. You can get really creative here.

  • Have a romantic dinner out with a twist - restuarant hop! Have drinks in one place, appetizer and soup in another, dinner in another, dessert, after dinner get the idea.

  • Create a romantic oasis - think Arabian nights (a tent, candlelight, plump fluffy pillows, silk sheets....all build on the floor.)

  • Spend the day at a carnival or amusement park. Hold hands, enjoy the dark rides, laugh, touch, and play.

  • Send a taxi to pick him or her up after work; pre-pay the fare (including tip) and instruct the driver to take him or her to your favorite restaurant where you will be waiting.

  • Have a romantic birthday breakfast for your Sweetheart. Serve him or her in bed and then share a sensual bath or shower. What a great way for your Sweetheart to start his or her birthday.

These romantic birthday ideas should give you plenty to think about. Of course, the romantic classics never go out of style: a stroll in the park, a walk on the beach, recreating your first day, a gentle kiss, a sensuous caress....whatever you decide. May these romantic birthday ideas help you create a special time to remember....always. Need more romantic birthday ideas? Take a look at these romantic birthday poems and these terrific romantic date ideas.

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