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When You Know Romance Is Key to a Great Relationship

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romantic date ideas

You need romantic date ideas that add romance, spice, and excitement to your relationship. Whether it's that first date; still early in your relationship; or you need to reignite that spark where everything is fun and interesting again.

Here's the should be about quality time spent while creating memorable moments. Keep these interesting and you'll never wonder why you're with your sweetheart in the first place.

You're goal is to make your relationship better and better. The great thing is that romantic date ideas can range from not spending a dime to going over the top with something extremely special.

The truth need balance, because little things usually make just as big of an impression as the big things (if not more so).

Following are several really great romantic and creative date ideas and tips to get your juices flowing:

First Date

Instead of the typical dinner and a movie, why not pick a place of interest that you both can visit and explore? Pick a location where you can start and build great conversation.

Who said a first date has to start in the evening? Why not set the stage where you can visit and explore first; then, follow up with a quaint dinner in a place with lots of character and great service.

Keep it simple by toasting to a great date with terrific conversation. This creative date idea provides a perfect opportunity to learn more about your date in a way that will make him or her feel super special.

Most importantly, you focus on a mutual point of interest, which takes the guesswork out of whether or not you can make a good first impression. Remember, dating is personal so any old romantic date idea will not do.

Just as importantly, setting up a date based on mutual interest eases conversation and makes it flow, because you both are starting from a point of share interest. After all, isn't that the goal? To get to know this person better in a way that is not awkward, but comfortable for the both of you?

Still Early In the Relationship

If you are still in the early stages of your relationship, then little things are important. This is because its shows you are paying attention to what is important to your special someone. Therefore, you need romantic date ideas that say, "you are special and I want to get to know you even better."

Have you been paying attention to your special person's likes and dislikes? If so, you have a perfect opportunity for a romantic date.

For instance, guys, does she love roses? How about a simple date to a botanical garden where you can enjoy the beauty and fragrance of roses? While you're at it, present her with a yellow rose and say, "this is for you...just because you like them." She'll melt on the spot.

Ladies, what interest and/or hobbies does your guy have? Is he a sports' fan? If so, what sporting event can you attend with him? Set it up and then present him with a cute little card at the beginning of the date. Make sure it's blank so you can write a personal message. For instance, my man loves football, so I'd write something like. "This date is especially for you. You scored a touchdown with me long ago...consider this the extra point." He'll get a kick out of it.

Again, the idea is to take advance of romantic date ideas that are fun and sure to please and add spice to your relationship.

Reignite The Excitement and Passion

Romantic date ideas are very important if you want to return the spice and fun to your relationship. Doing something special like taking a spur-of-the-moment road trip where you find and take advantage of romance ~ to making reservations at a romantic bed and breakfast are wonderful opportunities to explore and share new experiences.

After all, learning and growing together is what will keep things fresh and exciting. It's about expanding and not being sucked in the same ole same ole.

One very delicious romantic date idea is to plan a romantic rendevous in the middle of the day. Why not get a room half the distance between your jobs and engage in a sensual lunch and exploration of each other in bed? Afterwards, return to work with a sweet little smile.

Remember, when a relationship grows stale, it's about creating new experiences together.

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Are Your Dates Boring or Exciting?


  • We laugh together

  • We have fun together

  • We discover and share interesting experiences


  • It simply feels like something to do

  • Everything is predictable and mundane

  • That SOMETHING is missing

You now have some great date ideas. Use them!!! Happy Dating.

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