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There are romantic ideas that spark more spice, passion, and excitement in your relationship and then there are thoughtful ideas that make your Sweetheart appreciate you, but doesn't necessarily bring you more intimacy, desire, or romance. What's the difference? Keep reading, because you are about to find out.

The difference is the nature of the relationshp, not in the gestures or words themselves. Romance is thoughtfulness and consideration towards you intimate partner (or someone you want to be intimate with).

See, it's about connecting on the most private and personal of levels. It's about implementing romantic ideas that make your Sweetheart desire you, love you, savor you.

On this page, I plant the seeds to infuse your relationship with those incredible feelings of anticipation, excitement, desire, passion, and intimate satisfaction. The goal is to get you and your partner started down a romantic road that never ends. This is a primer. Now let's whet your appetite to experience more romance and all the pleasurable consequences that come with it.

romantic ideas

Romantic Ideas #1

romantic ideas

Feel It - Whisper in your partner's ear, "I have a little surprise for you." Then whip out a blindfold (a scarf or a tie works just fine). Now gently tie it around your Baby's eyes until he or she must rely on all senses, but the sense of sight.

Now give your Baby a long, hot kiss on the back of the neck. Mix things up with a peck on the forehead, followed by a longer kiss on the cheek. He or she won't be able to tell where the next kiss is coming from. Cover every area of his or her face before saving a long warm sensuous kiss on the mouth for last.

Be sure to gently caress his or her cheeks and slide your hands in his or her hair or along the scalp. This entire kissing experiencing is utterly romantic and sensual.

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Romantic Ideas #2

romantic ideas

List five things you have always been able to count on your Sweetheart for. Start by saying, "You know, you're so important in my life and I love you so much that I feel it's important that I remind you of some of the reasons why." Then read him or her the list and thank them with a long drugging kiss.

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Romantic Ideas #3

romantic ideas

Sinfully Tasteful Treat - Ladies, give your man this sinfully delicious gift for Valentine's Day, his birthday, or just because. Here's the really good part, you're going to give it to him like he's never received a gift before. Also, I bet he'll remember this sweet treatment for a long time.

Here's the plan. You are going to purchase some sinfully decadent chocolate candies filled with various fillings such as creamy cherry, ravishing raspberry, and stimulating strawberry.

Gift wrap them and present to your Sweetheart with the promise of the most delicious seduction he's ever had.

Stand before him in a sensuous, silky robe, and pull your sash away. You robe falls open, but he'll catch a glimpse of skin before you tie the sash over his eyes.

His task is to guess the flavor at the center of each luscious chocolate. Each time he's right, you'll remove a piece of his clothing. And each time he's wrong, he still wins, because the way you present each chocolate for tasting is seductively incredible. You are going to:

  • Smear one piece over your lips and the tip of your tongue and give him fleeting little kisses around his mouth, sliding your tongue from one corner of his lips to the other. If he's right, remove a piece of clothing. You might want to start with his shoes.
  • Apply the next piece of chocolate to both sides of your neck. Kiss his eyelids as he sucks of the flavor.
  • Rub on your earlobe and brush it against his lips so he can nip lightly.
  • Dip your finger into the creamy flavor and trace the outline of his lips, before parting them with your fingertip and wiggling it around his tongue.
  • Put the cream on the nipple of one breast
  • Move to the other nipple
  • Saving the best for last - pour that sweet crème over your most private place and let him lap it up. Um....he'll probably stop guessing, but I don't think either one of you will care.

romantic ideas

Romantic Ideas #4

romantic ideas

Implement "us time." No, I'm not talking about a date night. Those are awesome, too. However, this is time together for you and your baby to destress, relax, and be close.

Hey! Times are busy and stressful these days. You deserve some time in which both of you are pampered together; enjoy your favorite foods and music; and relax together. What does this include? Massages (visit a spa, or order professional massage in your own home), some of your favorite foods (precooked, catered, takeout), relaxing music, fluffy pillows, scented erotic candles, and a promise to focus on doing nothing but enjoying each other using your senses and feelings.

The Rules

  • Set aside an afternoon and evening
  • No technology, communication devices, or kids
  • No interruptions unless it's a dire emergency
  • Relaxation is a must (no working, cooking, lifting a finger unless it's to touch, stroke, feel your partner)
  • Set alarm clock for the next day and ignore time until you hear the alarm go off
  • Focus on connecting with your Sweetheart. Talk and enjoy each other's company
  • Set a romantic mood, music, candles, fluffy pillows, shared bubble bath/shower
  • Enjoy this time together - share lingering kisses, sensual caresses, a lazy afternoon nap after some satisfyingly good sex (you get the picture)

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