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Here starts a collection of romantic love poems carefully chosen to represent those precious feelings and emotions we long to experience and express. You'll also find original love poetry as well. Anyway, this is your lucky day, because this section of beautiful-love-quotes is all about romance.

As we perceive through our senses - touch, sight, hearing, and smell, we learn to delight in the world. But sometimes our deepest physical responses are strong, overwhelmingly connected to our emotions that we hardly know how to convey them in words. That's where these love poems come in.

The beauty of romantic poetry is that it adds flavor to life. It's experiencing how someone puts together words in a magical formula to touch you emotionally. What makes great love poems? It's different for everyone.

This growing collection of love poems you find here are meant to share. Read them, feel them, enjoy them, and then share. Hopefully, this words can spark sensual desire, passion, and love.

It's You

I'll never forget the first day we met
I can't explain it, but I knew
That you would be someone special
Someone who could come to mean
so much

To this day, I'm still drawn
The invisible pull that links
my heart to yours
Only it's no longer
a mystery

It's something to be cherished
To be savored and enjoyed
I'm loving every minute
I'm basking in the aura
That whirls and soars

Beckoning me for more
My emotions are whispering
That I need you to breathe
I need you to make me whole
To complete me

The experience of you is
Seared into my soul
And it will never grow old
Fanning the flames of desire
And love so deep

It's me, it's you, it's us
And I want it all

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