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Welcome to a growing collection of romantic lyrics featuring love. While music taste may vary - words of love, passion, romance, desire, and relationships are universal. There is nothing better or more special than romantic words of love set to a an enticing lyrical rhythm of beauty and sound.

Luckily, for those of us who appreciate the beauty of love and all it has to offer, there are certain musical artist who have a knack for writing and/or singing beautiful romantic love ballads.

Here, I will feature some of my favorites such as Brian McKnight, Celine Dion, Bryan Adams, and many more. I have no doubt you can stir the romance and passion by sharing the gift of these talented people with the special person in your life.

My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion is the very popular love song from the romantic movie Titanic. It's a great song expressing true and lasting love. The romantic words flow over you as Celine conveys what its like to experiencing a powerful love. I love this song because there are romantic phrases within these love lyrics you can use to express what your own relationship means to you.

Another special romantic song features Celine Dion as well. It's call Have You Ever Been In Love. Even if you've heard this song many times, the words are so beautiful and moving, it'll do you good to let them touch you emotionally all over again.

If you truly love something then that love is worth fighting for. Especially through the everyday challenges and obstacles that comsume our lives. Everything I Do, I Do It For You is a song that represents the willingness to do battle for the love of your life. Enjoy these words and let them remind you - if you have a love that is special, then it is worth fighting for - no matter what the obstacles.

Whose your First, Last, and Everything? Barry White Lyrics - You're the First, My Last, My Everything is a beautiful, upbeat expression of the love you feel for that special person. Barry White's caps off this wonderful song with that deep sultry voice of his. Enjoy!

Can you remember those special moments of love? There's nothing like those precious times when your wrapped up in intense feelings of passion and romance. The romantic lyrics of These Are The Moments by Edwin McCain provides the perfect love words to convey these times.

Have you ever experienced sweet love? If you have then you're well aware of the absolutely wondrous beauty of it all. Sweet Love by Anita Baker is incredible. It's been a romantic classic for years. It's not only the love words, but her sultry voice that is a perfect fit for singing love songs.

Romantic Lyrics For When You Miss Someone

Do you need those special words to help you convey when you will miss someone? A romantic classic with such love words is Styx's Babe Lyrics. The way he sings, "Babe, I love you," is enough to melt your heart right there.

Aerosmith "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" Lyrics. Are in a class of their own. Who wouldn't appreciate that special someone telling you that they didn't want to fall asleep for fear of missing one thing about you; one moment with you?

More Romantic Lyrics

Tony Terry - When I'm With You Lyrics. Everyone has certain romantic songs that bring all the feelings rushing to the forefront with such intensity that you can burst. This is one of those romantic songs that can make you feel that way - so much so that this song has been used as a wedding song by many loving couples.

If this world were yours with no limits, how would you express your love and desire to that special person in your life? Luther Vandross Songs offer a perfect way to do just that. One of my all-time favorite songs of his is called If This World Were Mine. This duet with Cheryl Lynn is incredibly romantic and absolutely perfect for setting a sensually intimate mood. Are you up for such an experience? If so, check out this romantic song.

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