Your Checklist for the Best Romantic Meals

Are the best romantic meals simply those that check all the usual boxes - candles, wine, decadent food, Lionel/Barry playing in the background? Is it that simple?

Will you automatically feel closer to your partner, comfortable in their company, enjoy the food & drink, and want to be affectionate if you just check all those boxes? Because that's the feelings I would use to define what makes the best romantic meal.

There is no template here you see - some people feel the typical romantic meal described above as a bit cliche, lacking imagination. Others love it. So let's have a look at the things we all need to think about when planning a great romantic eating experience for ourselves and our partners:

  • Food - stick to what you both like, maybe with a twist, but not too out-there. Get quality ingredients, even if the meal is simple, e.g. great steaks, fresh salad vegetables.

  • Music - put some thought into this - not too cheesy, not too loud. How about a playlist of songs from your earlier dating days?

  • Menu - multiple courses requires planning, and probably more time away from your partner... unless you rope them into helping, which is kinda fun!

  • Chat - steer clear of the humdrum stuff, like colleagues, kids, house chores - it's a date!

  • Setting - if you're eating out, pick a place that's good for chatting and where you're not elbow to elbow with the table beside you. If you're at home, tidy up fellas!

Menu Ideas for the best romantic meals

Now, not all of us are amazing in the kitchen, and it can even get quite daunting and ruin the meal if you are stressed about the timetable you are having to stick to to pull off your 5-course extravaganza.

So work within your own capabilities - if you are useless in the kitchen, consider preparing a 'tapas'-style meal, with many small, easy dishes served at the same time and you both dig in. Or how about a picnic, either in the park or even in your own living room on the floor - simple food, relaxing setting.

If you are a bit more skilled in the kitchen, then it can be tempting to go all-out, but remember your food choices will have a knock-on effect on the date - rich, carb-heavy food will leave you both bloated and certainly not in the mood for some bedroom-action, while the same could be said for overdoing the wine!

So the best romantic meals don't have to be that complicated...

...but you do need to focus on making sure you've set things up so you both feel comfortable, chatty and affectionate - remember the food is not necessarily the most important thing. Bon appetit!

By Chris Davidson

Chris is the owner of the site, showing the average Jane & Joe how to be romantic through deeds, dates, words and gestures.

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