Ten Romantic Surprise Ideas To Spark Passion and Desire

Little Ideas Packing Romance and Love

Romantic surprise ideas are a fabulous way to spark passion and desire while having a bit of fun. It's important that you never let passion die in your relationship. If you do, then your relationship may not continue to satisfy you or your partner.

Do you know that you can do little things that pack an amazing romantic punch? Better yet, you don't have to spend a lot of money. Instead, you can indulge yourself and your partner in romance created from every day activities.

The delicious thing is that you or your partner will gain an entirely new appreciation for how you view those necessary little chores. Are you ready?

Following are ten romantic surpise ideas to spark passion, desire, laced in fun and relaxation.

Please note, all of these romantic surprise ideas begin by setting the mood. Therefore you make want to take advantage of the ultimate checklist to help you set the mood at a moment's notice. Download your free copy here.

The key to making these romantic surprise ideas work is to play on all the senses.

  1. Help your Sweetheart get ready for work or bed. Set the mood with scented candles and soft romantic music; then sensually wash his or her hair, before participating in the full body bathing process. It should be an incredibly good experience for you both. While your at it, add some wet open mouth kisses. What fun!

  2. Shave the routine out of shaving by assisting your Sweetheart shave his/her face or legs. If you're taking care of your man, have him park it in a chair and then straddle him while you do the deed. If it's your woman, sensually feel her up while you shave whatever part of her body needs the attention. You can make this simple activity hot hot hot.

  3. Give a full body massages. Use erotic rubbing oils and lotions. Not only is this relaxing, but you can turn it into an incredibly erotic experience.

  4. Download your song as a ringtone on his/her cellphone. Once that's done, give her/him a ring. Then say something like, "now every time I connect with you, this will play and we both will remember what an incredible and pleasurable relationship we have."

  5. Does your Sweetheart have a favorite sporting event, movie, or television show? If so, turn it into a romantic game. How so? Every time someone scores a point....strip or exchange sexy kisses. If it's a television show with a theme, then pick out a character or certain buzz words and do the same. Talk about a romantic and fun way to turn the same ole, same ole into a romantic encounter to enjoy.

  6. Provide your Sweetheart with his or her all-time favorite dish, then feed him or her. Where you can, use yourself as a serving dish.

  7. Send your Sweetheart love words via Twitter or Facebook. Let his/her family and friends know how important he or she is to you.

  8. Put on your favorite romantic song and dance with your Sweetheart....just because.

  9. Ramp up the touching. Rub his/her back, stroke up and down his/her arm. Hold hands. Let your actions scream, "I can't get enough of you!"

  10. Pack or have delivered your Sweeheart's favorite morning beverage to work or school. Include a special note that simply says, "Have a fantastic day, because I promise you more good things are to come."

Following is a bonus romantic surprise idea - slip or forward your favorite romantic picture of the two of you into his cellphone, purse, or pocket. Include the following love words, "If ever you have a bad moment or need a pick-me-up, then view this picture and remember....you mean the world to me."

I hope these romantic surprise ideas will help you spark more romance, love, and passion. For more romantic surprise ideas, check out these romantic birthday ideas or these terrific romantic date ideas.

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