Romantic Things To Do With That Special Male in Your Life

Inexpensive Romantic Ideas

There are so many inexpensive and incredibly romantic things to do with the special male in your life. Some of the best romantic ideas are the least expensive. The great thing is when you focus on cheap romantic ideas, it forces you to put a little thought and creativity into it. The best part is that these types of romantic efforts are often the most memorable and appreciated. Why? Because it comes from the heart and demonstrates to the man in your life that he is very important to you.

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So never forget. While nice extravagent romantic ideas can make a big splash, it's the little romantic things that reinforces - each and every day - what you feel in your heart.

So let's get started. However, before we do, know that the romantic ideas represented here play on the senses - those incredibly wonderful stimuli that stirs romance and heightens intimacy. Now let's explore inexpensive romantic things to do.

Romantic Things to Do

Cheap Romantic Ideas

  1. Prepare a romantic dinner with only sexy, erotic finger foods. You can't miss with fresh fruit such as strawberries, sliced mangos, grapes, or melons. Be sure to have a decadent dip such as chocolate or whipped cream. Add bits of chicken, cheeses, and/or any of his favorite foods to the mix.

    Focus on food he likes. Then set about feeding him. Nice and slow. Add a few long sensuous kisses between servings. While you're add it - serve him in bed. Light a scented candle, play a little soft music and satisfy his hunger.

    You may also want to take a look at this romantic meals checklist. It provides great advice to make sure your eating experience is truly wonderful.

  2. Literally, share a meal - one plate, one fork. Feed each other and enjoy.

  3. Have a romantic dinner picnic for two - at night. Throw pillows on the floor, drop a blanket and set the mood. If you have a screened in porch or patio and the weather is nice, try outdoors.

  4. Pack him a lunch and add a love note. Praise his prowness as a lover and tell him you can't wait for him to do you again.

  5. Provide him with his favorite drink, have him sit in a chair, kneel before him, and give him a foot massage. It's a romantic way to make him feel important.

  6. The scalp is an unexplored erongenous zone. work him into a lather with a generous portion of shampoo all over his head. Use slow, small circular strokes and slip dow the back of his head, back up oward the top, and all the way to his forehead.

  7. Treat him to a senuous shave. Dress in revealing clothes, place your man in a chair, straddle him, lather him, and shave him up. Be sure to rub up against him every chance you get. Also, be sure to make eye contact. While your at it, caress his face and let him see how you feel. This is not only romantic, but sexy.

  8. Touch your man every chance you get. Lovingly run your hands up and down his body. Let him see your attraction.

  9. More Romantic Things to Do

  10. When sitting together, sensuously stroke his thigh. It's a nice turn-on.

  11. Prepare a romantic bath or shower for two. Set the mood with music and candlelight, then take pleasure in soaping and rinsing every inch of each other's body.

  12. Phone him at the least expected time of the day. Tell him that you couldn't contemplate doing anything else without telling him you miss him (substitute love or was thinking about him).

  13. Hit him with a slow sensuous kiss in which you savor the feel of his mouth.

  14. Call your local radio station and dedicate a song to him.

  15. Dress sexy and flirt with him.

  16. Tie his tie for him. Get nice and close.

  17. Play a kissing game. Every time you see a certain color (car, etc...), share in a tender kiss.

  18. Share a comedy. Grab a movie that is sure to make you laugh. Sit close, snuggle, and share in the good feelings that laughter can provide.

  19. More Romantic Things to Do

  20. Hold his hand while walking. Get close every chance you get.

  21. Share a phone encounter. Describe all the wonderful things he does to you and how you can't wait for him to do them again. Then tell him what you plan to do to him.

  22. Share a luscious desert using one spoon.

  23. Have your first date all over again. Chose a place to meet, introduce yourselves and vow to learn something new about each other.

  24. Send a romantic quote or love saying via text message or email.

  25. Sightsee together. Explore your city, and learn more about it. Hold hands and enjoy the experience.

  26. Wear sexy underwear just for him.

  27. Enjoy a romantic walk.

  28. Play your favorite game or watch your favorite sport. Pick sides with the loser losing a piece of clothing. The game is over when one of you is completely naked.

  29. Cuddle up and listen to soft relaxing music.

  30. Tell him why you are proud of him.

  31. Thank him for being who he is...warts and all.

These romantic things to do are inexpensive romantic ideas that are extremely meaningful, not to mention cheap. If you like words to express your love, check out these romantic things to say or use these love sayings.

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