Romantic Valentine Day Poems

Love Poems for Valentines Day

Use romantic Valentine day poems to make your Valentine's Day extra special with that person you care about.

The good news is that you do not have to be a Poet. Simply explore this Site and take advantage of incredibly romantic poetry and quotes. Then, once you find the perfect love words...go for it! Make your Sweetheart smile. Go ahead. Create another precious memory.

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I'm here, not because I'm supposed to be here or because I'm trapped here, but because I'd rather e with you than anywhere else in the world. ~ Unknown

Funny Valentine Poems.

You Make Me Feel

The beat of my heart,
is for you.
The gleam in my eye,
is too.

The smile on my face,
you create.

When I'm with you,
it's incredibly great.

Happy Valentine's Day

~ Love Poems for Valentine Day by K.Y. B

We Connect

We share a love connection,
full of affection,
bordering on perfection.

Happy Valentine's Day

~ Romantic Valentine's Day Poems by K.Y. B

Valentine Love Note

You're the reason why,
Why the sun shines brighter.
Why my steps are lighter.
Why life's worth living.
Why my heart is worth giving.

Happy Valentine's Day

~ Valentine Love Poems by K.Y. B

A Lifetime With You

We've built an incredible life,
through good times and bad.

We've grown closer and stronger,
and I'm just a tad,
emotional over something,
solid and profound.
Because what we've built,
is on solid ground.

I love you, Sweetheart;
now and forever more.
When it comes to you,
I truly adore,

Everything about you,
faithful and new,
stoking my soul,
until I knew,
You will always be,
the best part of me.

I look forward to,
the rest of this journey,
with you.

Happy Valentine's Day ~ Love Poems for Valentine's Day by K.Y. B

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