The Power of Romantic Words

Conveying Your Emotions and Heart

So how do you find those romantic words that are perfect for you and your situation?

After all, the love you feel is powerful, unique, and special - generating a myriad of feelings and emotions begging to pour out.

The Secret to Discovering Those Perfect Love Words

Before you delve into finding the right romantic sayings, take time to think about what makes your love for that special someone so perfect.

Think about the physical traits: Is it his or her smile? Could it be those cute little gestures that make you smile? Maybe it's the color and texture of the hair; or the emotion that is conveyed through eyes so beautiful you can't help but melt?

Passion at the Push of a Button

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Stoking the Romantic Flame

What precious little gems do you notice and appreciate? It's those things so subtle you may not notice but for your pulse racing and your heart beating faster. You know, those special little things like a gentle touch to your hand; a loving caress; a sensuous foot rub; or those little sounds of pleasure from an arousing kiss.

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That Slow Romantic Burn

Always remember that little things mean a lot. The little things you notice show that you are paying attentions. It shows your chosen person that you care. So take a few minutes, right this second, replaying those special memories in your mind. Use your senses and feel. You do not need to be a poet, simply let your emotions take over and capture, on paper, whatever you feel.

Play on Love Words

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Now, no matter what your list of words look like, it's time to add the spice. You are about to create romantic words meant to stir desire, passion, love, and romance. How so? Start with a Thesaurus. This valuable little tool is a goldmine for helping generating a romantic play on words.

Let's say you describe your special someone's hair as pretty, brown, and soft. Use a Thesaurus to explore each word separately. Always seeking replacement words that tie to one of the senses. You want to create a strong impression and following this rule should do the trick. For example: In place of pretty I chose enticing. In place of brown a chose chocolate. In place of soft, I chose pleasing. Now instead of: Your hair is pretty, brown, and soft. I'd say, your hair reminds me of a enticing piece of chocolate that is pleasing to the touch. Simply delicous - the effect you have on me.

See, it's all about playing with words.

Sexy, Romantic, Senuous Words To Get You Started

Sexy words: sassy, alluring, naughty, sizzling, sensuous, velvety, aching, throbbing, hottie, babe. Romantic words: breathless, burning, ravishing, infatuation, bliss, captivating, enthralling, magical, mystical, evocative. Sensuous words: sleek, silky, delicious, mesmerizing, provocative, fascinating, compelling, sexy, hot, enticing.

The Art of Improvising

Another way to personalize your romantic words is to mix and match phrases, quotes, poem verses, or sayings. Create your own romantic flair. There is nothing wrong with piecing together your own special love message. Believe me, that special person in your life will appreciate your efforts. If you do it right, you'll reap the benefits of that appreciation. Now isn't that worth it?

Need ideas? Take a look at these Seductive Love Letters.

The Timeless Beauty of Romantic Words

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Romantic words were created to help you express those fiery feelings of love, desire, and passion. You see, you were put on this plant to love good, to love hard, and to love well. You are also meant to experience what you give in return. So use the love words to communicate the rightness of it all. If you do it well, the physical and loving connection should follow.

Following is a list of romantic words to get you started. From the wonderful endearments to the to the blazing descriptions - plug these words into your own creations or exchange them with words in love poems and quotes to make them more personal and intimate.


Babe, Baby, Sugar, Sweetie, Sweetheart, Darling, Honey, Kitten, Angel, Baby Doll, Buttercup, Beloved, Dear, Snookums.

Words and Short Phrases to Describe Your Passion and/or Desire

  • Irresistable
  • My undeniable attraction
  • You light my fire
  • You do it for me
  • You're it for me
  • You make me hot
  • You turn me on
  • You stroke my fire
  • rapture
  • fervor
  • blazing
  • throbbing
  • all-consuming

Describe What You Want To Do

  • Let me love you
  • Let me worship you
  • Let me cherish you
  • Let me lick you all over
  • Let me feel you
  • Let me eat you up
  • Let's have the love affair of a lifetime
  • Let me make love to you
  • Let me pleasure you
  • Let me feast on you
  • I want you now. Let me show you how much
  • I need you so, I can never let go

Describe Your Love

  • I love You
  • I Adore Your
  • I burn for you
  • I long for you
  • I yearn for you
  • I'd die for you
  • I delight in you
  • I care for you
  • I cherish you
  • I'm devoted to you
  • You're the only one for me
  • You please me
  • You complete me
  • You satisfy me
  • Your an emotion caress to my soul
  • You melt my heart
  • You own me
  • I delight in you
  • You're my air
  • You're Precious to me
  • You're My Everything

Describe Outer Beauty

Man: handsome, huge, hottie, hot,sexy, beefy, brawny, dashing, impressive, lusty, muscular, great lover, good lover, giving lover, potent, big, delicious, sinful, persuasive, frisky.

Woman: beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, hottie, hot, eye catching, breathtaking, dazzling, mesmerizing, lithe, adorable, amazing.

More Romantic Words:

playful, sensual, erotic, sweet, feisty, fiery, tender, gentle, strong, loving, alluring, viral, enchanting, fascinating, exquisite, entrhalling, engaging.

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