Special Sayings About Love

Because the Words You Use and The Way You Convey Them Is Everything

Special sayings about love can really work to your advantage if you pay attention. See, most of us already know that communication is very important in any successful relationship. Getting your message and feelings across to your Sweetheart is probably one of the smartest things you can do.

The following love words are not only beautiful, but touch on important facets of a romantic relationship. Please use these babies for the betterment of your love life. Happy using!

Special Sayings About Love

Nothing before this moment matters. All that matters is that I have you. ~ KYB

How do I define love? It's the overwhelming feeling of tenderness, caring, and intense happiness that overtakes me every single time I think of you. ~ KYB

Loving you is not always easy, but it's everything to me. ~ KYB

I can't remember why we are fighting. I only know that it makes me sad, because I love you and need to see you smile again, because my happiness solely depends on it. ~ KYB

My relationship with you is the most valuable thing in my life. ~ KYB

I'm entralled by your inner beauty. It snagged me from the start and now I love you with all of my heart. ~ KYB

This thing we share can be described in four simple letters: L.O.V.E. ~ KYB

I hate it when we fight, because I love you so much and I don't like being the cause of any sadness in your life. ~ KYB

No wonder you are made for me. Not only does our hearts beat as one, but we function as one. ~ KYB

Love is putting up with each other's flaws and loving even harder. I'm sorry I messed up, but I'm not perfect. ~ KYB

I'm still blown away by how much I love you. It overflows, spilling from my heart. ~ KYB

Fun memories, sexy moments, intense feelings, and private times....is there any wonder we keep getting better with time? I love you. ~ KYB

You take such good care of my heart; and this is one of the reasons I will cherish yours forever. ~ KYB

Love, laughter, and great sex. Everything I need. I love you. ~ KYB

My heart, body, and soul are all yours. ~ KYB

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