Short Seductive Love Letters

For When You Want to Add Spice, Heat, and Passion to Your Relationship

seductive love letters
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Seductive love letters are a sensuous form of word foreplay that can increase the intensity of intimacy and pleasure in your relationship. It's all about describing feelings and emotions - pulling your senses into the fray peppered with sexy love words and expressions. So, use these short seductive love letters to turn up the heat and passion in your love life.

Hey [Endearment],

I'm standing ________________ staring at my surroundings, but my mind keeps drifting back you to and how good we are together. I can still taste the sweetness of your lips against mine; the feel of your skin as I slide my fingers along your silky smoothness.

It's the simple things about you that turn me inside out; but, when we kiss, I burn raw... deep down inside. I crave that next kiss; the one that always leads to more.

Until our next kiss.......



Did I every tell you ~ I never knew what craving was until you? The way you share love with me is incredibly sensuous and deep. I savor every tantalizing caress; every pleasurable moan. I'm addicted to your scent; how your body communicates with mine.

Let your body talk to mine some more. I crave it. I need it.

Now you know..........



There is a song that says, "it's not what you say before we start to play, it's what you say after that makes me want to stay." Your body talks to mine loud and clear before, during, and after. It tells me you like what we do and how we do it. Let's play some more, because I like what you're saying.




You're my fantasy come true. The feel of my skin tinkling as you kiss your way along my body generates so much heat and passion til the anticipation mounts. Then you give me more; roaming my body and connecting in a erotic dance as old as time. Together we build such incredible intensity that climaxes into the most amazing pleasure I've ever experienced.

You do that to me. Only you.

Let's indulge some more.........


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