Sexy Text Messages

Ready for a Little Mobile Seduction?

Spice up Your Relationship - Text It Dirty Baby!

Are you ready to add sexy text messages in your relationship?

romantic text messages

Sending your Sweetheart a sexy text message is a sure fire way to add some serious spice while letting your partner know how much you desire him or her. Texting is a simple, but powerful way to infuse passion and excitement while kicking the same old boring routine to the curb. Best of's simple to do.

Believe it or not, as easy as it is to send instant communication via your mobile phone, finding the right sexy love words can be tricky if you go about it the wrong way.

So...... what is the right way to flirt and communicate using your mobile phone? Well, the point here is to generate passion, excitement, fun, interest, and connection with your Sweetheart.

  • Your goal is to intrigue him. You want a subtle seduction that will have your Baby chomping at the bit to get you in his arms.
  • You want to grab your Sweetie's attention so that you are the only person on his mind.

Talk about exciting?!?!?

Well ladies, guys are such primal and visual creatures. You can turn him on by painting a sexy picture in his mind.

Of course, you are the star of this seductive attack. Following are a few sexy text messages to get you started:

  • Compliment or stroke his ego about something he does that turns you on.

    For example you can text: I can't get enough of your tongue sliding along my _________. I am so hot and wet for you. 5pm sharp. Be here. I need you.

  • Set the stage for an exciting sexual encounter with your Sweetie.

    For example you can send the following sexy text message: Hey you...I'm preparing one of your favorite things to eat. It'll be spread out and waiting for you. Hurry home soon.

  • Want to really get your guy going? Then be a little bold and naughty.

    Encourage him to go to someplace private. Once he's there, it's time to incite his senses. How you may wonder?

    Well, you're going to describe what you wish you can do to your man right now. Describe sounds, smells, and textures. Have him touch himself while you do it. Or you can describe what you want him to do you right now. Again, give descriptions that excite all of his senses.

    For instance you can text: Can you smell it, Baby? The heady scent of our sweat and sex. It's intoxicating. Way better than chocolate. Oh, I can't wait to get your hands on my body. The way you caress me. So good. Close your eyes, Babe. Can you picture it? It's pure Heaven. So Baby please, add one more thing to your To Do list for today: ME.

    You get the picture? Bring the above into a bunch of little sexy text right after the other. Remember......your goal is to generate a little mobile foreplay. So keep those mental pictures coming.

Whew! What a start. The best part is that you have endless possibilities. Just let your imagination and feelings run wild. Now if you're still wondering how to go about this, then I recommend two little gems that you can mix and match. Text the Romance Back will teach you how to create the perfect romantic text messages that really get the reaction you are going after. Then there is The Ultimate Guide to Talking Dirty. You'll have your Intended excited and wanting. He or she will totally into YOU.

Well, there you have it, a good foundation for the most exciting and fun mobile foreplay imaginable. Remember, sexy text messages are suppose to add passion, fire, and excitement to your relationship.

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