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Your Sweetheart Will Love Your Creativity and Thoughtfulness

quotes of love

Wanna make your someone special smile right now? Quotes of love can help you do just that. The question you must answer is this....Is he or she worth a few minutes of your time? Are you willing to take a couple of really simple steps that will not only make your sweetheart fill good, but yourself as well?

Following is a very simple seven step process, along with three very simple ways, you can send the love words of your choice, in a way that shows you are not only creative, but thoughtfulness as well.

heart First, select those specials words that express how you feel about your Sweetheart. Beautiful-Love-Quotes.com has tons of romantic love words to chose from. Explore by topic here.

heart Second, get a slip of paper. about the size below (as well as a pen). Yes, you are going to hand write the words, because it should be personal and heartfelt.

love note

heart Third, write your Sweetheart's name or whatever endearment of your choice.

heart Forth, all a personal sentence to introduce your chosen quote. Makes it all the more personal and romantic.

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If you like, you can chose from the following sentences:

  • These beautiful words, remind me of the beauty of our relationship.
  • I saw these words and knew I had to share them with you, because they remind me of what we have.
  • These words mirror what I feel for you.
  • Because, I've vowed a million ways to tell you.
  • These words reflect what is in my heart.
  • Because I miss you.
  • Because I love you.
  • Because I need to tell you in all ways possible. These are for you.

heart Fifth, close with feelings or a promise. You can chose from the following if you like:

  • Love
  • Always
  • Yours Always
  • Thinking of you
  • With all my heart
  • Just Because
  • I Love You

heart Sixth, sign your name.

heart Seventh. This is the really fun part. You are going to fold your note and put it in a creative place for your Sweetheart to discover.

Following are three really creative places to put your love notes/quote for future discovery:

  • Medicine bottle, aspirin bottle, vitamin bottle
  • Underneath your Sweetheart's favor treat
  • Tape it to the back of his or her cellphone/mobile phone

A little play can do your relationship good.

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Love Words For You:

Now that you know what you can do with delicious quotes of love, you'll really get things going with Text the Romance. However, you better be ready to suffer the consequences, because this is digital foreplay at it's best. Needless to say, it can lead to the best sex ever!

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