Short Funny Love Poems

Humorous Relationship Poetry to Make You Laugh and Smile

short funny love poems

Short funny love poems and poetry that pokes fun at relationships is a great way to laugh and smile. After all, life and love isn't meant to be taken seriously all the time. It's meant to enjoy, to have fun, to savor.

Therefore, this original love poetry was created specifically with you and your Sweetheart in mind. So, share a laugh or two. There's enough smiles and good humor to go around. Enjoy!

How You Love Me

How you love me
I'm grateful you know
Through the years
You show and show

With my moody side
You do let slide
And you still love
my growing backside

You've suffered through
my cooking pains
Look on the bright side
no weight you gained

You keep that smile
That brightens my world
You let me know
I'm stil your girl

Funny Love Poetry by KYB

Guy Meets Girl

A guy meets a girl
and it's on from there
they embark on this journey
with cautious care

both trying to impress
the other it seems
blinders on
going full steam

things go good
from the start
because these two
were super smart
they didn't fall
for the superficial stuff
skipping over
the fake stupid fluff

instead they stumbled
onto something real
two smart souls
in a relationship with appeal

So guy meets girl
and things align
they fall in love
and all is devine

Short Funny Love Poems by KYB

short funny love poems

Kiss Me Senseless

Kiss me senseless
Blow me away
Not tomorrow
But today

I need to know
if we have that spark
do we have potential
or is this a lark

If you don't
do it for me
I gotta move on
and find chemistry

with that one person
who can rock my world
and make me see stars
and give me my fill

of lovely days
and glorious nights
of magic moments
that feel just right

So kiss me senseless
I have to know
are you for real
or simply all show

Short Funny Love Poems by KYB

We are Imperfect for Each Other

You're not perfect
and neither am I
we both have flaws
we'd like to hide

But here's the good part
I'll have you know
We can be real together
and build something that grows

What we share
doesn't mirror love stories
Some of the stuff
is pretty gory

Like morning breath
In your face
Like farts out loud
stinky, hardly mild

But here we are
in our imperfect glory
forming our own
special love story

Two imperfect parts
it seems
perfect together
for all to see

Short Funny Love Poems by KYB

short funny love poems

Our Love Is.....

Our love is
being together
even when we fight
Over some things so trivial
we're not always so bright

Our love is
saying we like something
But hurting each other
never, we won't

Our love is
forgiving each other
when we mess up
five, six, seven times
we forgive....Yup

Our love is
simply me and you
loving each other
as only we can do

Funny Love Poetry by KYB

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