Short Rhyming Love Poems

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Short rhyming love poems are a romantic way to convey romance in a focused and sweet fashion. Some of the best love poems are originals that come from the heart. Following is such a collection you can share with your special someone.

The Best Love Poems - Short Rhyming Love Poems

Focused On You

Have I mentioned,
you have my attention,
with your vibrant style,
that makes me smile.

I am so interested,
and invested,
in this thing,
that's more than a fling.

I can't wait to see,
where it leads.
This wonderful ride,
that's you and me.

Short Rhyming Love Poems by KYB


You love me, and I love you;
a love so strong for just us two.
Together now and forever more,
It's you I love, it's you I adore.

Short Rhyming Love Poems by KYB

It's Your Smile

It's your smile,
it gets to me every time.

It speaks to me,
it tells me that you're mine.

It's your smile,
it warms my heart
and brightens my day.

It's your smile,
I'll bask in it always,
if I have my way.

Short Love Poems by KYB

It's You

You intrigue me;
the message you send when
your eyes meet mine.

You inspire me;
the goodness of your influence
so welcomed and fine.

You interest me;
your beauty shines through
inside and out.

You get to me;
what I feel for you continues to mount.

It's You.
Simply stated,
it's you.

Short Rhyming Love Poems by KYB


When you are armed,
with your charm,
I'm helpless to resist.

You're charming ways,
the smooth things you say,
kiss me....I insist.

Only you can light my spark,
with just a simple touch.

You're gentle moves,
only prove,
I need you very much.

Best Love Poems by KYB


You are my fascination.
And the realization;
Stirs all kinds of sensations.

You are better than my imagination,
and I want to show my appreciation,
and my elation;
to have you in my life.

Thank you.

romantic Love Poems by KYB/p>

How You Make Me Feel

Do you know how you make me feel?
Warm inside, it's so surreal.

Never before, and never again;
It's better than I ever imagined.

How you make me feel, is magical.
Love Poems by KYB

Just Me and You

Just me and you;
just us two.
My lover; my friend;
together with you,
until the end.

Through good and bad;
happy and sad.

Me and you.....
it'll do.

Free Love Poems by KYB


You hold the key,
to my heart.
You held it,
from the very start.

All it took,
was just one look,
and I was hooked,
on you.

Best Love Poems by KYB

Yes, some of the very best love poems come from short rhyming love poems. I hope you enjoyed these gems. Better yet? How some more fun but amazing words of love? Check out these roses are red poems.

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