Short Sweet Love Poems

Simple Romantic Poems About Love and Relationships

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short sweet love poems

Here you will find original short sweet love poems by the editor of Sometimes your feelings need a simple and unique love message to convey what your heart is screaming for you to share. Since love and relationships rely so much on good communication, the following romantic and sassy love poems can soothe the way. If you like any of the poems below, you can use them as long as you follow the terms of use. Enjoy!

Sexy Love Poems

Our Love Dance

Our love is like the rhythym we make as we dance to an erotic beat.
It may not be graceful; but my, it's hot and sweet.
Sexy and sassy, wild and fun.
Honey, the best part is we've only just begun.
Our love dance continues as we move and sway.
We trip, we fall, we recover, we're okay.

Our love dance is filled with sensuous dips and erotic moves.
So Baby, let's continue to groove and groove.

When the music shifts and throws us off beat,
Remember, while our dance may not be graceful; my, it's hot and sweet.

By K.Y.B

Short Sweet Love Poems


There's a song that goes, "love me tender, love me sweet."
No, you love me "good," so good I weep.
That's what we're all about
That silent love that screams and shouts
It's through our actions and feelings
as we love while having each other's backs.
Our special connection sings in silent song
such as the beating of our hearts as we love nice and strong.
So hear it, my love and celebrate with me.
hearts pumping joyously for what was meant to be.
Hear our song with every gesture, every touch, every sigh,
I can only gasp in delight, "oh my."
So there's a song that goes, "love me tender, love me sweet."
Again, it's pales to a love so good it makes me weep.

By K.Y.B

Humorous Love Poems

Now This is Love!

Oh, the sweet memories of your tender kiss
but wait, the morning breath, I'd never miss.

The way you move that wonderful ass
But on the farting, I'd definitely pass.

I love how you are able to make my heart sing.
But you gross me out when you eat that nasty thing.

Signed, sealed, and delivered my heart is to you.
But why must you do that irritating thing that you do?

It's all doesn't matter, because you are it for me,
now this must be love! What else could it be?

By K.Y.B

Falling in Love Poems

Struttin It

Our relationship is struttin down the path,
running into highs, lows, challenges, and laughs.

Through it all, we continue to hang tight.
Together we keep travelling,
struttin it.

We may not be sure of our path's end,
but let's keep going,
struttin it.

I'm liking our journey as we keep on our way
struttin it through day by day.

With you our relationship is one heck of a ride,
I'm liking the direction and I'm increasing my stride.

I wanna keep struttin it, with you.

By K.Y.B

Short Sweet Love Poems

Say The Words

Everyone wants to hear, "I Love You."
But you've mastered the gift.
You say, everyday, without mumbling a word,
exactly what my heart needs to hear.

How do you do that?
I feel the "I Love You"
through the soul of your eyes.
I feel it some more in the
gentleness of your touch.

Say the Words?
You do it everyday without mumbling a sound.
"I Love You."

While my body and actions are not
the perfect symphony of yours,

I say right back to you,
"I Love You, too."

More than you'll ever know.

By K.Y.B

Short Sweet Love Poems

Our Love Defined

They say that love is indescribable,
definitely not true.
It's the many incredible moments and experiences with you.
From the "hold-me-in-your-arms-and-never-let-me-go" moments to the
"together-we-can-get-through-anything" moments.
It's each and every precious memory being created and stored in my mind
in my heart, in my soul.

How do I define our love?

It's you.

By K.Y.B

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