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If the Love of Your Life Inspires You

Inspirational quotes are magic to a relationship. Quotations that speak to how much your love inspires much he or she means to you....serve as the extra special something to your relationship.

Express yourself at a deeper level. You've already said, "I Love You." Now it's time to ramp it up. But, sometimes, it can be difficult to find the perfect words. How can you say, "You're more to me. More than you ever known." Below is an amazing collection of romantic inspiring words that can help.

When browsing below and you find the perfect expression of your feelings, share with your Sweetheart. You will make his or her day.

You Inspire Me


You make me want to make you proud. ~ KYB

I live each day, smiling, because I have you. ~ KYB

I can get through anything, as long as I have you by my side. ~ KYB

Having you in my life is a necessity, everything else is just....details. KYB

Loving you shows me all the hope and wonder in this world. ~ KTYB

You promised me forever; and now, the future is filled with endless opportunities. ~ KYB

You are my happiness, my hope, my joy, my life. ~ KYB

With you in my corner, I feel I can do anything. ~ KYB

You are a blessing; the answer to my prayers. ~ KYB

They say the key to a good life is great friendships, a great love, and lots of laughter. I have all of those things with you. ~ KYB

Everything is brighter, more vibrant, and just more.....because of you. ~ KYB

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