The Best Love Poems Are The Ones The Touch The Heart

Amazing Romantic Words to Share With Your Sweetheart

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The Best Love Poems

The best love poems come from the heart. In my opinion, romantic poetry that is romantic and expresses desire and passion are amazingly effective for generating more excitement and spice into a relationship.

Below, I share with you my latest creation of love words. These three romantic poems are inspired by love words from the movie Sassy Girl. While I haven't seen the movie, some of the love quotes I found were truly moving. Hence, I found inspiration to create this love poetry for you. I hope you find it worthy to share with your Sweetheart. Enjoy!

How Does Our Story End

How does our story end
Even better than it began
It all started with chemistry
that defies the greatest mysteries

Two pairs of eyes
connecting in more ways
that one
Warming brighter than
the sun

Maybe that's how
we begun
but it's hotter now
Boiling with
passion and desire
so deep

I cannot keep
from wanting
you like I do

So how does our story end
Even better than it began

You see, there
is no ending for us
only new beginnings

We have forever and a day
and if I have my way
My love for you will
overwhelm you
and fill you to

Just knowing
that I was put here
with a single purpose
To love you with
everything in me
For the rest of my life

Forever and a day
It started with a spark
but this flame will burn eternity
all for you... for us

The Best Love Poems Created By KYB


There are just some things
that cannot be described

When it comes to you
I'm in such a dilemma
My breath hitches
My heart speeds up
And I'm at such a lost
for words

I can only feel
An amazing myriad
of pleasurable
happy emotions
so overwhelmingly
good that I
burst with joy

My heart is so full
My life feels so right
so complete

All this stirring
inside of me
inside my heart
triggered and
growing all
because of you

The Best Love Poems Created By KYB


This dance we tango
is intense
generating passion
and desire

We throb to a sensuous rhythm
that pulsates real deep burning fire

With's all or nothing
half measures are not our style
sparks, fireworks, and excitement
Baby, we have it for miles and miles.

The intensity of us is addictive,
I'm so helpless to resist
let's keep the fires burning
Baby, I insist.

The Best Love Poems Created By KYB

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