To Sundar

by Rajasekar Rajaram
(Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)

Fabulous time for my soul! Many lightning raises inside! Where ever I search I can't even find my mind! I lost my conscious!

There is no word to express! Is the one people call that as LOVE!

Hundreds of moons came in front of my eyes! Don't know, Why still I'm too hot! Flood of music running through my beats & pulse, Don't know why still it's thirsty!

Wonderful sky came & aides my feelings to burn! Out of it's brightness my world became gorgeous! What did I do still I want to do!

My Dear Sundar, I love you a lot.

I dream about you every night
I shiver when your in sight
I long to hold you close n tight
I wanna be there with all my might
I m just hoping I'm the girl whose right

If you're asking if I Need U the answer is 4Ever..
If you're asking if I'll Leave U the answer is Never..
If you're asking what I value the Answer is U..
If you're asking if I love U the answer is I do.

If I reached for your hand , will u hold it ?
If I hold out my arms, will u hug me ?
If I go for your lips, will u kiss me ?
If I capture your heart , will u love me ??

When I look at you,
I cannot deny there is God,
Cause only God could have created someone
As wonderful n beautiful as you

24hrs make a lovely day,
7 days make a lovely week,
52 weeks make a lovely year & knowing a
person like me will make your life lovely.

Smile in Pleasure
Smile in Pain
Smile when trouble pours like Rain
Smile when someone Hurts U
Smile because SOMEONE still
Loves to see u Smiling!!

No shadows 2 depress u
Only joys 2 surround u
Many friends 2 luv u
God himself 2 bless u
These are my wishes 4 u,
For today, tomorrow & everyday

As days go by, my feelings get stronger,
To be in your arms, I can't wait any longer.
Look into my eyes & you'll see that it's true,
Day & Night my thought are of U..

All I wanted was someone to care for me
All I wanted was someone who'd be there for me
All I ever wanted was someone who'd be true
All I ever wanted was someone like you...

Love is like a CD track
That links our hearts together
Don't ever break that CD coz
That would break my heart too.........

Softly the leaves of memories will fall,
I'll pick them up & gather them all,
Coz today, tomorrow & til my life is through
I'll cherish having sum1 like u!

Memories are treasured
No one can steal.
Parting is heartache
No one can heal.
Some will forget u when you are gone
But I'll remember you
No matter how long..

Dear O Dear, you are not near
But I can hear
And not fear
Your memories are here
Live with cheer
No mere tear
And you are mine forever!

U may miss me
U may ignore me
U may even forget me
But one day if you wanna see me
Don't search, just see your shadow
I will be there...Trust Me!!

I'll stand here forever,
If forever's what it takes,
because you are my forever,
and forever always waits.....

My past says you met me
My future says you will care doe me
My present says you will understand me
But my heart says you will
Always Remember ME!

Red or white
short or tall
wrapped in silver
not wrapped at all
under covers
inside a box
shapes & sizes
love comes in lots.

Your precious love has turned my life completely around. I feel like I'm walking but
my feet don't seem to touch the ground..!!

I Love U!!!

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