Valentine Love Poems

Love Poems for Valentines Day

Valentine love poems are wonderful when you need to find the right romantic love words to convey how you feel. This is especially important during Valentine's Day when you are expected to break out the romantic words and make your Sweetheart smile.

I have a great idea on how you can use the below magical love words to create a unique and special message just for your Sweetheart.

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If love were a storybook, we'd meet on the very first page. ~ Unknown

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Sweet and delicious,
tender kisses,
your warm embrace,
your beautiful face,
With you,
It is always more.

More intense.
More satisfying.
More wonderful.

So, on this Valentine's Day,
I must say,
I adore you.
And, I want,

~ Love Poems for Valentines Day by K.Y. B

Do You Remember

Do you remember,
when we first met?
It is a memory,
I will never forget.

Every contour,
of your gorgeous face,
I'll never forget,
that time or place.

You and me,
all else slipping away.
So I tell you this,
on Valentine's Day.

That first time,
was the start;
when you began,
to own my heart.

Happy Valentine's Day

~ Valentine Love Poems by K.Y. B

It's You

This Valentine's Day,
is all about you.

How you make me feel,
the things you do.

You are sexy and kind,
and totally mine.

Yes, you,
the best thing that's happened,
to me.

Happy Valentine's Day.

~ Romantic Valentine Poems by K.Y. B

Wonderful, Beautiful, Love

Wonderful, beautiful,
erotic, and real.
Words can't describe,
what is ideal.

That's you and me,
sharing an incredible thing.

Love so special,
my heart has to sing.

I love you so,
my heart shouts in song.

And with you,
I truly belong.

Sharing wonderful,
and beautiful,
all day long.

Happy Valentine's Day

~ Love Poems for Valentines Day by K.Y. B

My Best

You're simply the best,
relationship I've ever had.
And, I'm glad,
And grateful.

Because you fill me up,
and quence my fire.
You make me better,
and spark my desire. are,
my best.

~ Valentine Love Poems by K.Y. B

Because I Know

I'm floating,
from knowing,
how I love you so.

I'm showing,
and growing,
more confident,
for you to know.

You are special,
and amazing,
wonderful to me.

I need you,
and believe in you,
Baby, can't you see?

This risk,
I am taking,
By opening,
up my heart.

Is worth it,
Because you deserve it,
I wanna flame that spark.

This thing,
between us,
Isn't going a way.
So these things,
I tell you,
on Valentine's Day.

~ Valentine Love Poems by K.Y. B

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