Valentine Poetry

Beautiful Valentine's Day Poems

Valentine poetry can add that extra special little touch to a day already set aside for love.

You can use these Valentine's Day poems along with a special gift. It's a great way to add more romance and passion, especially if the love words evoke desirable emotions in your Sweetheart.

Hopefully, the following love messages spark your creativity when conveying your feelings on a beautiful day created especially for Lovers. Enjoy!

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I wanna sit side by side and explore the future with you. ~ Unknown

Romantic Love Poems.

Every Day Valentines

Every day is Valentines with you
From your smile that warms my heart
To the caring things that you do

Every day with you is wonderful
The way you look at me
Reminds my life is full and plentiful

Every day with you is filled with beauty
The amazing person that you are
You simply move me

Every single glorious day with you
Is more than I've ever hoped for
So incredible and true

I love You
Happy Valentines Day

Valentine's Day Poems by KYB

You Own My Heart

You own my heart
It was destine to be yours
From the very beginning
Can you hear my heart singing

My heart belongs to you
You staked your claim
In a magnificent way
You rock my world
To this very day

My heart is in your hands
What a lovely place to land
It's rhythm beats
Specifically for you
What am I to do?

Love you, of course
I have no recourse
But to give you my all
Heart and all

It's yours
For save keeping
Happy Valentines Day

Love Poetry by KYB


You make everything more
Birds chirp louder
Flowers seem brighter
My life is happier

You make everything interesting
Each experience more enjoyable
That dreaded chore not too bad
I don't get as mad

You make my experiences more intense
A simple touch zigs me
A Kiss brings me to my knees
Our passion sends me up in flames

With you, everything more beautiful
More satisfying
More intense

Valentine Poetry by KYB

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