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Loving you is a habit I never plan to break. ~ KYB

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Valentine Quote, Quotes, Quotations

Forever, you will always be the one for me. Only you can make my heart beat frantically in anticipation as I savor your sweet caress and precious love.

Every time I look into your eyes you teach me all over again....the meaning of love. Then, my heart fills up.....feeling so full I could burst.

I gave you all of me. I give you everything, because my heart tells complete me.

I love you. Yes, I do. No matter what, it's me and you. Always.

Words are never enough to express how I feel. I can only show you ~ each and every day. Do you feel it like I do? It's our own special language. It's our language of love ~ something so amazing ~ just between you and me. Just us.

I was having a bad day until I started thinking about you. From there, everything was right in my world again. I thought,"how powerful is that?" And the best part's all because of you. You make my day even when I'm not with you.

Not only have you taken over my heart, but my soul. Both are in your save keeping.

Your kisses make my lips quiver. When you touch me my whole body shivers. Nobody could do to me what you do.

Valentine Quote, Quotes, Quotations

When the world starts to stress me out, it's you I think about without a doubt. You're the best thing in my life.

I lose my thoughts looking in your eyes, because you memerize me every time I look into those beautiful orbs of yours. I see it all.....everything that's in your heart. I'm humbled and will cherish this amazing gift always.

I really hate it when we fight. Things get so heated at times. We both hurt, get upset, and feel pain. But our love prevails and then that heat turns into something more. That's why I'm saying, "I'm sorry." No problem or disagreement is bigger than us.

From my heart to yours....I love what we have together. I want more.

I'd go through the fire for you. Just a chance to be with you is so worth the risk of my heart.

I going crazy thinking about you all of the time ~ a sure sign that I'm crazy for you and about you.

I know how you make me feel ~ more real and alive than every before. It continues to grow and I want more. You're so special, second to none. That's how I are the one.

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